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Saturday 11th March, 2017

Living in Victoria and happily married now for 20 years to my wonderful husband, mother of two amazing teenagers and proud owner of our most adorable Labrador Retriever of 10 years.  I'm up at the crack of dawn every single morning as I'm just that excited about getting on with my day.

A little insight into the things I enjoy and am currently working on.

Number one would have to be that I absolutely love cooking.  The first tab I click on when I discover a new blog - ‘Recipes.’  I could talk about different recipes and food all day.  One day I started scanning the internet for more and more recipes from the past.  The way our grandparents cooked.  I was intrigued and eager to learn more about cooking from scratch.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I was hooked.

Well it didn't take long before this blossomed into starting my own veggie patch (miracle - more about that later!), learning to knit, making homemade cleaners and much, much more.

If someone had said to me twelve months ago you will have a vegetable garden I never would have believed them.  I always found gardening so confusing with types of soil, fertilising, feeding etc.  Finally, we have a very small veggie patch.  I’m right at the beginning as far as knowledge however am having some success.  The garden has already given us so much joy and teaching something new all the time.  I’m learning as I go and feel this is the best way for me.  I thoroughly enjoy watching things grow, looking after them, digging in the dirt and even the smell of the dirt.  So much satisfaction.  Never thought I would say this but being out in the garden is relaxing and calming.

Also, looking forward to sharing another little journey of ours.  We are planning on being the proud owners of our very first chickens this year.  I’ll be posting updates as we go.

I love hearing the kids say how much they love being home and find it really cosy.  Creating and working on things together, cooking, family movie nights, sitting at the dinner table together are a few examples of what makes our home our haven.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time is starting up a blog to share with others as well as document our journey.  I can keep a log of everything in the one place and see our progress.  This blog is in the very early stages and I’m currently learning more and more.  This is very exciting for me as it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Welcome to Home is My Haven where you will see successes plus of course  other things such as my kitchen disasters (there are a few), stitches dropped and holes in my knitting are also common plus many more I’m sure.

Let the journey begin………

 One of my very first harvests - I grew these!

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