Friday and a fresh new month

A very happy day today for so many reasons.  Waking up ready for a productive Friday, knowing that today is the last day of school for the year and best of all it's Christmas decoration day in our home.  We really love setting up and decorating whilst having those carols playing.  Wearing a Santa hat or reindeer ears, reminiscing about previous years and seeing those tree decorations the kids have made when they were younger.

To kick it all off I purchased three Cadbury Advent Calendars whilst food shopping yesterday and surprised everyone last night.  Yes, I did say three not two.  I picked one up each for the kids and then added an extra for my husband.  Today they can open their first window and enjoy a delicious chocolate.  Our son couldn't wait so had his straight after his Weetbix this morning. 

One down, plenty to go.

The week has been busy which I actually enjoy.  I tend to get more done when busy and have a real bounce.  Our week began with a visit to the vet early Monday morning for Samson's second injection to ease his Osteoarthritis.  Two more to go however the improvement is already very noticeable.  A lot more comfortable for him walking and as you can see from the photos below we have a very happy dog.

Waiting for the vet.  He is such a patient boy - love him to bits.

I've changed his walks a little so that the last half or third he can be off leash.  This way it's up to him to either take it slow or run around.  Well I'm sure you can guess he always runs around like a puppy no matter how tired he is.  Good to know he still has it in him.

I'm sure he is smiling.
The other thing I do is let him swim to cool down before heading home especially as the days have been quite warm.  Never fails to dive right in.

We have also visited two ladies in the nursing home during the week.  Our neighbour has recently moved into the same home so our daughter has made a special sign for her bedroom door.  This will be wrapped in Christmas paper and given to her next week.

We coloured this in together one evening.

Laminated and ready to go.

Yesterday my husband came home with a lovely gift from a client.  Really looking forward to trying some of these lovely items.

The weather here in Melbourne has been so crazy.  We've had quite a number of days in the mid to high 30's however the next few days will be extremely wet and a much cooler temperature too.  Low 20's and a lot of rain.  I used this opportunity to sprinkle some seaweed solution onto the garden ready for the rain to give it a good soak and it's certainly getting that today.  

Woke up early this morning and gave our chickens their breakfast.  After such a hot couple of days and nights it was very pleasant outside this morning.  The chickens looked a lot happier too.  They didn't like that heat.  Having them roam the yard does give them a lot of shady options which is good.
They're like little machines.  So fast.

This was just after 5.45am this morning.  Breakfast time is very popular.

Just quietly, our Harriett hasn't changed.  When I open their door of a morning she jumps directly from the perch towards the door and comes toppling out.  The others jump down onto the shelf first.  Harriett landed on my boots this morning.  She dusts herself off quickly and gets on with it I must say.

The sky had a beautiful colour.

It also cast this lovely orange glow around the yard.  Just love the mornings especially ones like today.

Didn't take long for the sky to turn very, very dark though.  My daughter made it to school just before a very heavy downpour.  Our son was still home as he was leaving later.  I rushed home as quickly as I could with our beloved Samson.  Nothing worse than being wet at school all day, especially wet socks.  Arrived home in the nick of time to jump in the car and drop him off.  I may have been totally drenched but I knew our kids were dry.  Once home I changed into something dry.  Forget the hair today. 

Next on the agenda was a coffee catch up with a friend which was lovely, always is.

Now it's time to start emptying our boxes of Christmas decorations and get those carols playing.  Not sure who is more excited - the kids or I.

We are counting sleeps here - just love it.


  1. We love Christmas around here too. Gee school finishes early down your way, we still have 2 more weeks!

    1. Not all schools finish this early Cheryl. Most go through to 22nd December or there abouts. Have a great weekend,

  2. You've had a very productive morning. I read that there were heavy rain and storms in Victoria. I hope you are not affected.
    Have a great weekend Kylie.

    1. We are ok where we are. Just a lot of heavy, constant rain.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great post, Kylie. Love the photos of Samson. I'm glad to hear that the injections are helping him. He looks so happy.

    1. Hoping the relief lasts a while too after the last injection. I’ll ask the vet on Monday.


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