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Sitting here with my teapot brewing some Hibiscus and Cinnamon tea looking back on the past few weeks.  The weeks are certainly going by in a flash and when I look back it always amazes me how much happens.  The kids have finished their exams now and only have two more weeks of school left.  Both the kids and I are looking forward to the holidays with sleep-ins, long breakfasts, seeing more of family, catching up with friends and of course Christmas.

It only seems like yesterday when we looked after Mum and Dad's little dog Marley for the night.  The contrast of having a young pup compared to our beautiful Samson really stood out.  The two got along so well and both tolerated each other. 

You're welcome any time Marley.

Samson and I have been walking in all sorts of weather lately.  One day it's warm and humid, another cool and windy and others wet.  I love those morning walks after a night of rain especially when the day is just starting to warm up.  The birds seem louder, everything looks and feels fresh and there is this lovely scent in the air.  

Creek was full - perfect for our Sam. 

On one walk I got such a fright.  My imagination is a worry at times.  I jumped and I even think a little yelp escaped my mouth when I spotted this stick on the ground.  Heart was racing.  For a split second I really did think it was the biggest stick insect I'd ever seen.

It even has a mouth, eye and two legs.
Our backyard is full of activity too.  The chickens are always roaming the yard and following me everywhere.  As I was cleaning their coop one morning I found a broken egg under their roosting perch.  I'm guessing that the culprit couldn't be bothered getting up during the night so just laid her egg from the perch.

The garden is thriving with the sunny days followed by rain.  The Hellibores are getting ready to rest during the Summer months ready to thrive again next Winter.  I have fertilised them and given them another layer of compost and mulch.

I've also fertilised the little lemon tree.  New to growing lemons however it was flowering so I've removed them.  It needs energy to grow and develop first.  I pinched them off with my fingers which left this slight scent of lemon.  That made me feel happy especially being our first ever lemon tree.  So far so good I think.

These have now been removed.

Our very last cauliflower will be harvested in the next few days.  I can then get that section ready for new seedlings.

Kale is growing very well along with the parsley.  The chives are doing really well at the moment.  They seem to grow back within days of cutting.

Busy inside as well with a lot of cooking of course.  We recently had a skylight fitted in the dining area and a solar skylight in the kitchen.  The amount of natural light coming in is amazing.  Makes you feel good too.  Our kitchen was quite dark and the three downlights were on all the time.  Not now.


More than happy with the result.  Should have done this years ago.

The laundry sometimes looks like a science lab.  It's where I make up cleaners and prepare the grains and fodder for the chickens.  Having everything in the one area and set out properly makes it so much easier and it's enjoyable too.

As I was dusting recently I accidentally knocked something very precious.  Couldn't believe I did it.  Nan's plate was in three pieces.  My heart sank.  Dad is very particular and I can always remember how well he could glue things back together.  So without a thought I handed it over to him and a few days later it was back together again.

I like to have it out rather than locked away in a cupboard as it reminds me of Nan however I've since moved it to a safer place.

With last week being National Recycling Week there was a lot of information to read and links to various sites.  Our daughter made this Christmas tree using an old magazine.  Today she has been discussing decorations.

It was a free magazine from Coles full of Christmas recipes which were mainly sweet.  This of course delayed the Christmas tree construction a little as she was getting side tracked by all of the delicious recipes.  I was in the kitchen cooking at the time so it was good to have her sitting right there chatting and showing me the recipes. 

Evenings relaxing on the couch together after a busy and productive day are my favourite.  Over the school holidays the kids need to read a few novels for school however before they start I borrowed Charlotte's Web from the library to share with our daughter.  We enjoy reading some of the older books together and then usually watch the DVD together too.

I also like to read some of their novels as not only are they usually quite good but I like to know what they're reading for school.  When they do eventually work on the books at school we can relate as I've read a few of them too.  I'm currently reading one of our son's novels called Year of Wonders.  It also extends me a little too as they're books I would not normally read but end up really enjoying them.

Currently reading.
My cross stitch always makes an appearance of an evening too.  This would be the most advanced and challenging one I've done so far.  It does therefore move along a little slower but that doesn't bother me at all.  The fun is in the making just as much as the finished result.

As it's very fine and detailed I have purchased this little light from IKEA which makes the world of difference.  I also like curling up on the couch so can have the light with me. 

Another weekend is coming to an end and we are all ready for another brand new week ahead.  Have a great week.


  1. Wow, the skylight made a big difference. It's nice to have a well lit kitchen and now you save electricity too.
    Your dad did a very good job fixing the broken plate. It's hard to tell that it's glued together.
    I love your daughter's Christmas tree. So colorful. Once I made a Christmas tree from a phone book.
    Your cross stitch is coming along well. I can see it has very fine details. I didn't touch mine for a while now. I would like to finish it before this year ends. Like you said time flies so quickly.
    Hope you have a great week too, Kylie.

    1. Your phone book Christmas tree sounds good too. That would have taken a while. I’m looking forward to seeing how she decorates it now,

  2. Wow what a difference the skylight made, Kylie. That was a good idea. I have seen those Christmas trees on Pinterest but haven't made any as yet. Your girl must be very crafty to have the patience to make that one.

    1. It was a project stretched over an afternoon as she came back to it after little breaks. She is a very patient girl though.

  3. Fantastic post, Kylie. You are such an inspiration. I love that photo of Samson in the rain. The new skylight looks like it's making a world of difference in your kitchen. How perfect for all of your cooking and baking. I have a lot of natural light in my cottage, and it's wonderful. The sunlight streams in through the windows. That plate looks good as new! You dad did a super job. Charlotte's Web is one of my favorite childhood American classic.

    1. Every time we sit and read Charlotte’s Web it reminds me of primary school. We would sit on the floor each lunchtime whilst the teacher read it to us. I loved it then and still do.

  4. Kylie, you certainly have been busy. The skylight makes your kitchen look wonderfully light. Thank goodness your Dad could mend your beautiful plate. I might take up your idea of the recycled magazine Christmas tree, I think I have green spray paint in the shed to decorate it.

    1. Enjoy making your tree. It is rather relaxing sitting there folding.


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