Spring weather has arrived

We finally have some warmer days and it looks like the cold ones are behind us for now.  Thursday was the first day of warmth and I noticed a lot more people out walking.  Everyone seemed a lot more cheerful and all commented on the beautiful sunshine.  I think we were all feeling the cold.

As the weather warms up there are already so many changes out on our walks.  Bright colours, a lot more birds, different sounds and smells.  It practically happens overnight.  

Walking past the nest I spotted the other day I noticed a little face peeping over the side.  Such a tiny nest and I'm sure they're running out of room very quickly as they grow.  Not sure how many there are however I think at least three.

Big bright patches of colourful flowers have popped up on the sides of roads.  They grow in clusters and are just so vibrant.

These have popped up in our front yard.

I've now cleared two sections of our vegetable garden except for one cauliflower.  It is very late so I'm not sure how much it will grow.  I'll keep a close eye on it and if the florets start to separate I will harvest straight away.

We also had a late Romanesco Broccoli plant which I have now harvested.  The head was starting to separate and it wasn't growing much further.  It was also changing to a purple colour.  It tasted good.

Last year I planted lavender in a large pot which I have in the veggie patch to attract bees.  It has really started to take off and looks so full and healthy.  I can just smell the lavender however if I rub the leaves a little it becomes a lot stronger.  Love lavender and so do the bees.

Our last cabbage has been harvested now too.  We all enjoyed eating the cabbages.

Once the cauliflower has been harvested I will have to sections completely free.  My next step is to add some Dynamic lifter and mulch.  I will also test the soil and make any adjustments.  Then I will be planting some new seedlings.

The third and final section of our patch is full of kale.  I eat a lot of kale and so do our chickens.  I'm constantly snipping away and it grows back just as fast.

The parsley and chives are similar.  They grow back very quickly. 

Our chickens are spending more time roaming the backyard than inside their run these days which is great.  They leave a mess but I don't let that bother me as I just love seeing them doing what comes naturally to them and being so happy and healthy.

Group shot opportunity.

Samson on the other hand seems to spend more time in the run than out.  He is always picking up after them.  Good thing is that he doesn't go into the indoor coop where they lay.  He leaves them and their eggs alone.

We also have one more four legged friend in our yard.  Mum and Dad's little Marley is having a sleepover tonight.  It will be interesting to see how they sort out their sleeping arrangements.  I have a feeling they'll both share Samson's bed.  They're getting along really well.  He follows Samson everywhere and they have been snoozing in the sun together.  Always close to each other.

We are all enjoying this lovely sunshine and change in weather.  Our pets, veggies and us too of course.



  1. Looks like everyone is so happy and enjoy the warm weather. Are you planing to grow new veggies for spring/summer?

    1. I would like to have capsicum seedlings planted by the end of November. That will give the soil a few weeks.
      The other section will start with herbs and then zucchini in January.
      Didn’t have much success with capsicum last year so hoping the soil conditions are better plus a little more knowledge.

  2. That baby bird is adorable. I love seeing your colorful flowers. I adore lavender, too. It makes nice soaps

  3. Those tiny little birds are so sweet! Spring is full of joys like that. Up here, it was an overcast and rainy day yesterday and I spent most of the day in the garden planting some extra cucumber and lettuce seedlings. I put in a few capsicums but, like you, don't have a lot of success with them usually so we'll see how that goes! Meg:)

  4. You are so lucky to be able to grow brassicas Kylie, up on the Sunshine Coast, unless completely netted with a very fine mesh, they get decimated by the white cabbage caterpillar and I can not keep up with hand removing them. They seem to appear and demolish overnight.
    I will be interested to see how you go with your summer garden. Are you going to grow tomatoes? I know when I lived in Victoria, I didn't have much luck with the beefsteak varieties, but the cherries were ok. Cheers Lyndie

    1. Mum and Dad grow cherry tomatoes and always share. They are so good. I often think about giving them a go in large pots. I may try next year.

  5. We had a heatwave a few weeks back and now the mornings are cool again, Kylie. Such strange weather. I love the photo of the bird in the nest.

  6. Before we went on Holiday I had our son deal with the chickens as all were at least 4 years old and stopped laying somewhat. Seeing yours though I miss them. Was meaning to get more but still haven't got around to it.


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