Slow Cooker Ham, Beans and Potatoes

I can always remember Mum's split pea soup with the big chunks of meat from the ham hock.  We loved it especially those meaty bits.  A few weeks ago I came across this Crock Pot Ham, Beans and Potatoes recipe on Maria's blog The English Kitchen and just knew I would have to give it a go.  It was even better than expected.

The kids reactions were the best.  You can forget the score of 10/10 from our daughter as she gave it an infinity out of infinity - if there is such a thing.

The recipe uses a ham hock however they are difficult to find here at the moment so I used a ham bone from the delicatessen which works well too.   I'll use ham hocks when available however ham bones make a great substitution.

Slow Cooker Ham, Beans and Potatoes

900g ham hock or ham bone
1 cup water
3 large potatoes
220g green beans, trimmed
Cracked black pepper

Place the ham hock or ham bone into the slow cooker followed by the water.

Peel the potatoes and cut into large chunks.  Add to the slow cooker along with the green beans.  Season with black pepper.

Cook on high for 4-5 hours.  I checked ours at 4 hours, gave it a little stir and let it cook a further 30 minutes.

Remove the ham hock or ham bone.  Discard the fat and bone.  The meat will fall apart.  Return the meat to the pot, stir and serve.


  1. Oh, I love the flavor of ham hocks in soup. That reminds me of split pea soup, another favorite. Your daughter's score is so cute.

  2. This recipe sounds so easy with few ingredients. I rarely buy ham, and will try this next time when I buy a ham bone. Thanks Kylie.

  3. Hi Kylie,

    another yummy sounding recipe. Just wondering what did you serve it with? I'm planning to make the pumpkin & sultana cake you featured during the week very soon. Looks perfect for aftenoon tea.
    Regards Maria.

    1. Hi Maria,
      I served it with some leftover pasta I’d cooked for another recipe along with homemade flat bread.

  4. That looks really good Kylie and very easy to make. Thanks for sharing. Lyndie

    1. My pleasure Lyndie. I love the 'throw it all in' types. Even better when they're yum.


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