National Recycling Week

Whilst searching for a recipe this morning a post popped up with regards to National Recycling Week.  It runs from the 13th-19th November and this is the 22nd year running.  So much valuable information, resources, tips and videos.

They have many events running throughout Australia.  There are just so many to go through however there is an option to search for an event in your area by listing your council.  There are 29 councils participating throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Disposable coffee cups are one of many issues.  It is great to see these Two Melbourne Cafes offering free coffees to anyone who brings in their own cup during National Recycling Week.  

Responsible Cafes also has a list of places which offer discount coffees if you bring your own cup.  

I've actually noticed a lot more school kids walking to school with disposable cups of hot chocolate or coffee.  

My favourite plunger and travel cup.

It's been many years since I purchased a coffee in a disposable cup.  I prefer the comforts of my own home or if I do purchase a coffee I sit down and make the most of it.  I'd much rather meet up with a friend and sit down together over coffee. 

A little Christmas gift idea I found recently for coffee lovers is this Bodum Travel Press.  I may just add it to my wishlist.

War on Waste has a lot of interesting links and the episodes on iview are well worth watching.  We certainly picked up a lot of ideas and plenty of new information.  A real eye opener.

Back to the National Recycling Week site as there is so much more I want to look at.  The Guides and Activities for kids section looks great especially the Festive Recycled Arts and Craft Guide.  The Christmas Trees made from magazines look great.  

Have a little reading to do now and hopefully some of the activities.


  1. I don't use disposable cups, either. I always bring my travel mug or just a pretty mug from home. The same goes for reusable shopping bags. Mine are made of drapery fabric. That travel press is really cute. My mom used cloth diapers on all four of us children. Those diapers became dust rags, and they really worked well. I used flannel pads from age 33 until menopause. There are so many things we can do to reduce waste.

    1. There certainly are. Every little bit helps too as it all adds up. A friend of mine used cloth nappies (diapers) and I can remember her saying later how good they were for cleaning.

  2. Thanks Kylie, I will have to check those links out. Sounds very interesting.

  3. I also don't use disposable cups. I have two insulated bottles for water and a small glass container for my lunches at work.
    I'm still in the process of reducing plastic grocery bags though I have fabric bags.
    I use old tshirts for cleaning. i think I can do a lot more though.

    1. I use cloth bags for shopping however haven’t been able to rid of plastic bags 100% just yet.

  4. Thanks for the link Kylie, I'll have a good look at it when I've got more time. If I buy a Chai Latte, (I don't like coffee) I always like to sit down and enjoy it while reading my book, so avoid the disposable cups. Both Pete and I have just bought insulated metal water bottles that also stay hot for 8 hrs, so can be used for both hot and cold drinks. I am getting more and more conscious of being "wasteless" as I get older, I'd like our earth to still be habitable for my great and great great grandchildren. Cheers Lyndie

    1. I’m a lot more conscious too Lyndie and aware.
      I actually don’t think I could drink out of a disposable cup anymore. I would rather wait until I have time to sit and enjoy rather than walk around.


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