Menu Plan 5th - 11th November

An interesting week with new recipes and a bit of fun in the kitchen for Melbourne Cup Day.

Normal Veggie Loaded Bolognese for dinner Sunday which I had pulled out of the freezer.  Served over freshly cooked pasta and everyone was happy.  Even though they have it every Sunday they all look forward to it.

We had a roast lamb lunch at Mum and Dad's on Monday as the kids had a 'student free' day at school.  Instead of getting together on Cup Day we got together on the Monday as our son had to work Cup Day.  Our daughter spotted this Cookies and Cream Slice and asked if we could make it.  Of course we can.  The two of us made the slice Sunday so it could set overnight and took it to Mum and Dad's to have with tea and coffee after lunch.  It was a hit.

Cookies and Cream Slice.

As we had a big lunch I was thinking a light dinner would be good.  I made this delicious Coconut Chicken Curry just in case and glad I did.  They were all keen for dinner.  Our son had leftover bolognese, our daughter Coconut Chicken Curry and my husband made sandwiches.  A real mixed bag.  Mmmmmm looks like leftover curry for Tuesday was my thought. 

The curry was reheated for dinner Tuesday served over rice with Pita Bread on the side.  We all like this dish.

Coconut Chicken Curry.

Made this scrumptious Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner Wednesday and it is a real winner.  Super healthy, delicious and the whole family loved it.  With our daughter a little unwell it was just perfect for her. 

Chicken Noodle Soup.

Served with these hot buttered homemade bread rolls straight out of the oven. The rolls are another keeper.  They are so soft and fluffy.

Melbourne finally gave us a little warmth on Thursday with a perfect 21°.  I'm one of those people who uses the slow cooker almost all year so even though a little warmer it made an appearance.  Lentil, Sausage and Cabbage dish with a side of creamy mashed potato was delicious.  The cabbage came straight from our garden that morning. 

Lentil, sausage and cabbage.

Pizzas are our usual Friday night dinners however this time I made Sausage Rolls.  Everyone enjoyed them with tomato sauce of course. 

A few were eaten cold on Saturday.  I love cold sausage rolls.  The rest were finished off for dinner.  My husband was away for the night so the kids had them all to themselves. 

As I've been cooking quite a lot lately I have a stash of freezer meals.  With a busy week coming up I will be utilising these meals to make life that little easier.  I like having freezer meals for weeks such as these as dinner can still be served each night.  No last minute rush or takeaway.


  1. Another week of wholesome food, your family eats really well Kylie. Some ideas for me to try here too. Meg:)

  2. Mmm, those sausage rolls look divine. I'm with you, I don't buy fast food or take away, either. It just takes time and planning.


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