Menu Plan 29th October - 4th November

This menu plan began with some baking.  We found Cookie Monster's Cookie recipe and just had to give them a go.  Chocolate chips were requested so in they went and they were delicious.

Cookie Monster's Cookies.

Dinner was our traditional Veggie Loaded Bolognese.  I made the sauce on the Saturday and placed half in the freezer for next time.

A new recipe awaited Monday night's dinner and it was a huge hit.  Even before I had a chance to ask for the official score out of ten our son said 'wow, this is a definite 10/10.'  Beef Stroganoff Casserole is a fantastic dish and it looks like it may even be at the top of the list in our house now.  The kids were still talking about it the next morning.

Beef Stroganoff Cassereole.

Tuesday was 'banquet night' with various leftovers.

During the day Wednesday I made a Tuna Casserole which I like to have in the fridge for our son who is always looking for something to eat.  He had a big bowl after school before heading to work.

Tuna Casserole.
Dinner Wednesday was Baked Honey Mustard Chicken which was another new one for us.  My husband and son really enjoyed it however the flavours were a little intense for our daughter.  It was a very quick and easy meal for a weeknight dinner which is handy.  I sliced a homegrown cabbage and lightly fried in a little butter as a side.  The kids love cabbage served this way.

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken with our very own cabbage on the side.

Finally made the next recipe in my favourite cookbook which was my very first attempt at making Lamingtons.  I would like to master this recipe a little more and next time plan on making the ones joined with baker's jam.


Another banquet night Thursday.  There was a choice of Oven Stew which I had pulled out of the freezer, leftover Tuna Casserole and also Honey Mustard Chicken.  We love leftover nights.

Made our homemade pizzas Friday night followed by lamingtons.

The pizzas were finished for dinner on Saturday along with these Hawaiian Pizza Twists.  The reaction with the pizza twists were a 'mmmm so, so'.  As our daughter is not keen on cheese I did omit it from the recipe.  I'm sure the cheese would have helped however they're just a little doughy.

Hawaiian Pizza Twists.

I've just had a sneak peak at next week's plan which has more new recipes.  Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday and I have a fun little snack to make which brings back memories.  Looking forward to showing the kids.  Also changing our traditional Friday night pizzas to another recipe.  One which I know they'll love.


  1. I'll have to try frying cabbage in butter. I'm never quite sure how to use it. I usually put it into soups, which helps it mellow. That tuna casserole looks delicious!

    1. Another option with the cabbage is to lightly fry with a little soy sauce. Just until it starts to soften. Only a few minutes.


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