Menu Plan 19th - 25th November

I'm noticing that each week seems to be getting busier and busier with Christmas approaching.  Without meal planning especially during these times would leave me totally lost and disorganised.  The time I take to plan the week ahead is worth every minute.

Sunday afternoon usually consists of some sort of baking ready for the school week.  My daughter made this Vanilla Almond Slice which is such a good healthy snack for school.

Vanilla Almond Slice.

Dinner was easy as I made a double batch of bolognese sauce on the Saturday afternoon.  One for the freezer and the other reheated Sunday.  

I was really looking forward to Monday's dinner as it was the first time cooking with beef brisket.  The recipe I followed was from Elana's Pantry site.  It was OK however I would like to experiment more as the meat wasn't as tender as I would have liked.  I've had beef brisket a few times at various cafes and loved it so I will definitely try again.  

Beef Brisket.

Our very last cauliflower was harvested and turned into the most delicious Cauliflower Mash.  So creamy and soft.  I used butter and pureed it with my stick mixer.  Yum, yum, yum. 

Cauliflower Mash.
Leftovers for dinner on Tuesday.  I also made Baked Beans which was just so easy using the Bellini.  Our son thoroughly enjoyed a serving on toast.  Everyone had something different.  A real banquet night.  Leftover bolognese was finished, plain pasta, beef brisket and the last bit of cauliflower mash.  Absolutely zero food wastage here.    

Homemade Baked Beans.

I also made another recipe from the AWW The Country Table cookbook.  Slowly making my way through one recipe at a time in a section of the book.  Next up was this very large Boiled Chocolate Cake.  I reduced the sugar a little and it was still very rich and sweet.  Moist, rich chocolate cake was certainly enjoyed for dessert.

Boiled Chocolate Cake.

A new recipe awaited us for dinner Wednesday.  A vegetarian night with this Toasted Mushroom Pasta for something a little different.  Frying the pasta was new to me.  I'll be making this one again.

Toasted Mushroom Pasta
Now who can go past sausages in bread with tomato sauce - not our kids.  Looking in the fridge and deciding on a side I found the solution.  We had leftover baked beans as well as the mushroom pasta - perfect.  Topped up with peas and corn completed Thursday's dinner.

Back to our traditional homemade pizza night Friday.  

Saturday nights are easy for me as the cook is on holidays.  The last of the pizzas were reheated and the kids also had some ravioli pasta.  They like it just plain sometimes - no sauce just boiled ravioli.  Our son adds cheese however had them as is this time.

During the day I also made another batch of this beautiful Vanilla Almond Slice.  I omitted the vanilla extract this time and the kids said they didn't even notice.  I think the honey and dates add enough sweetness.  We will be baking this slice a lot.

Vanilla Almond Slice
The diary is showing me a busy week coming up therefore the plan is making use of freezer meals.  One new recipe is squeezed in there though which I found in my new library book Best Receips from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars.  I've also had a recipe for baked jam donuts sitting on my i-pad just waiting for me to make.  I have the baker's jam all ready to go so hoping they will appear soon.  They look soooo good.




  1. Such delicious variety, Kylie! Lots of lovely meals for your family. Meg:)

  2. What a great cook you are! That chocolate cake is making my mouth water. The banquet night is an excellent idea.


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