Menu Plan 12th - 18th November

We had a rather busy week especially in the beginning.  Freezer meals certainly came in handy.  Now I have a little more room in the freezer as well.

As I had excess pumpkin in the fridge I made this wonderful Pumpkin Cake with Sultanas on Sunday afternoon.  Love the golden colour and it has a wonderful texture too.

Pumpkin Cake with Sultanas

Keeping in mind how busy our weekend was I planned on pulling this Beef Stroganoff Casserole out of the freezer.  That covered Sunday's dinner.  Once again this dish was thoroughly enjoyed and the kids have asked when I'll be making it again.

Beef Stroganoff Casserole.

Chicken Jambalaya was pulled out of the freezer all ready for Monday's dinner.  It freezes and reheats well.

Chicken Jambalaya.
A bit of a naughty dinner on Tuesday however the kids and my husband loved it.  Their eyes lit up when I presented them with Hot Dogs and sauce.

Back to a good wholesome dinner Wednesday with this lovely Beef Macaroni Casserole

Beef Macaroni Casserole.

A few weeks ago I found thisSlow Cooker Ham, Beans and Potatoes recipe and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone for dinner Thursday.  I served it up with Rhonda's Flat Bread from her book The Simple Home.  There was also a little cooked leftover macaroni pasta which I reheated.  They were a bit dry reheated but the kids didn't mind at all.  

Slow Cooker Ham, Beans and Potatoes is scrumptious.

Flat Bread.

Friday was back to our homemade pizzas.  They always look forward to their pizza.

Saturday is our DIY night.  They actually had some Patties Party Sausage Rolls.  This is extremely rare here so I was interested to see what they thought.  Our son said 'they're good but Mum's are heaps better' and our daughter didn't like them much at all.  You can't beat homemade and I'm glad they can taste the difference.

A couple of more new recipes to try again next week.  I'm especially looking forward to Monday's dinner as it's something I've been wanting to cook for years.  Finally giving it a go.  Look forward to sharing it all with you.


  1. I haven't done my menu plan for this week yet - naughty me! We had frankfurts and home-made BBQ sauce for dinner one night last week. It was good.

    1. Haven't tried them with BBQ sauce before. I'll bring it out next time and see if they kids will give it a try.

  2. Don't feel too guilty about the hot dogs, we occasionally have them at our house too, but where's the mustard!?? LOL
    I know what you mean about the kids preferring homemade over shop bought, they actually get a little fussy, which can be a blessing or a curse, it can become a rod for your own back because the family won't accept anything less that home made!

    1. It's funny you mention the mustard Cheryl as it did cross my mind. I think I've also seen them with tomato sauce and mustard together too. Not sure about that one though.

  3. Your freezer must be jam packed! I am so impressed with the variety of foods that you and your family eat. The hot dogs made me giggle. Looking forward to seeing your next creation!

    1. Freezer is pretty full at the moment however next week I'll be using quite a few of them due to a busy week. Comes in handy.


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