A Productive Sunday

Today was the day I planned on ticking a few jobs off my list.  Having a list helps me so much and working through each item one at a time works the best way for me.  I've managed to tick a lot of boxes today and it feels really good.

First thing this morning I had this Beef Concentrate Stock cooking away in the Bellini whilst I showered.  I had already dropped our son off at work for an early shift whilst everyone else was sleeping.  Before long they could smell the stock making it's way down the hallway.  I now have a chicken stock and beef stock in the freezer.  All I do is scoop a tablespoon per 500ml of water to make it up.  So easy, cheap, handy and healthier than the ones you buy.  Satisfying too because I made it myself.

Not the most glamorous looking but adds so much flavour.

First tick and it was still very early.  Good start.  Outside then to let the chickens out into the yard and a quick morning clean of their coop.

Harriett with Floss in the background.  Harriett is the clumsy one - sssshh.

We were running low on our supply of kale in the fridge so I cut off a number of larger leaves from our garden.  I always remove the stems, wash and dry them so they're all ready to use.

Samson and I then headed out for a long walk to the bakery where I purchased a few loaves of yesterday's bread.  I was only in the bakery for a few minutes however by the time I came out Samson had attracted a few people which is nothing new.  People always go up to him and he loves every minute.

On the way home he found something to eat.  After failing to pull it out of his mouth I continued walking.  He carried this thing all the way home.  Once home I managed to pull the foil away at least and toss it into the bin and he ate the rest.  Thoroughly enjoyed what looked to be a wrap with beef and salad.  It was gone in seconds.

Maybe if I don't look she won't notice.

Once back home again the next item was something I've been wanting to do for a number of weeks now.  Time to give the chicken coop a good thorough clean.  My husband and I emptied the whole coop.  The wood chips were placed in a large compost bin and also spread around parts of the garden.  We removed the lino flooring and cleaned as much as we could.

Lino all clean and dry.
Once completely dry we returned the lino and added fresh new wood chips to the boxes and floor.  I really like the smell from the wood chips.

Ta-da!  All clean - for now anyway.

The chickens have really helped me as far as cleaning is concerned.  I'm sometimes a little too fussy however with chickens that's hard to do.  They're messy.  Thanks to them I am so much better with good enough is enough.  A little bit of mess is OK and everything still works.  I actually found myself saying to my husband a few times this morning - 'don't be overly fussy, they're chickens.  It doesn't have to be perfect.'  

Over the last week I've cleared two areas of the veggie patch which had the broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.  Compost has now been mixed with the soil along with Dynamic Lifter.  The condition of the soil is neutral so I'm happy.  I then added another fresh layer of mulch.  The plan was to have zucchini, cucumber and capsicum.  

Zucchini seedlings have been planted.  They were a success last year however I've given them more room this time.  I also remember having to self pollinate them last year so I'm all ready to look after them and feel a lot more confident this time round.  I made a few mistakes first time and have gained a lot from that.

Our cucumbers were another success last year so I'm hoping for another healthy lot this year.  They were so crisp and juicy.

I've left space for the capsicum as my brother may have extra seedlings which he has grown himself.  I did try growing capsicum last year however wasn't too successful.  My brother grew beautiful capsicum so fingers crossed it's passed onto me.  

Another job on my list today was to do something with our very ripe bananas.  Sitting having my breakfast this morning with these bananas staring at me. 

After a bit of searching I found these Wholesome Banana Cookies.  I used three medium bananas and replaced the chocolate chips with sultanas.  A good, tasty cookie without the added sugar.  I also reduced the amount of vanilla extract to one teaspoon.

Wholesome Banana Sultana Cookies.

Only one banana left in the fruit bowl now which my husband has already eyed off.  Perfect, no waste.  Another tick.

While the cookies were baking I mixed up some powdered milk and made a large batch of porridge for the chickens.  I used rolled oats, milk, sultanas and cinnamon.  I've made enough to cover a few nights dinner for them.  

Tomorrow is Monday which means the floors will be mopped.  I've just finished running the vacuum cleaner around so it is all ready for a mop first thing tomorrow.  I will just give the kitchen and dining area a quick sweep in the morning.  

Everything completed and I'm so happy with today's achievements.  The sky was threatening at times and we had quite a bit of thunder throughout the day however no rain.  Fingers crossed for rain tonight.

Have a lovely Sunday evening.



  1. That was certainly a busy but productive Sunday, Kylie. My zucchinis are doing well so far with no mildew yet thankfully.

    1. I hope you are successful too. Zucchini is another favourite veggie of mine especially raw. I eat half of it before it has a chance to cook.

  2. You indeed had a productive day.
    I made my first raised bed today and planted Tuscan kale. :)

    1. Well done on your first raised bed. I’m seeing a lot more raised veggie beds pop up in school yards these days which is good.

  3. Seems like you've had a really productive day, Kylie. That opportunistic Samson with his roll had me giggling. Our Sir Steve dog is just as "resourceful"! I have bananas to use up today and so I am making two banana cakes which I'll freeze and then take with us when we leave on holidays on Saturday. Have a lovely day! Meg:)

    1. Such a great feeling when you have a productive day like that. Enjoy those banana cakes Meg.

  4. Hi Kylie. What a productive day you have had. I'd love to make your concentrated stock, but don't have a Bellini or whatever the other type is called. I wonder if I could use mince then blitz it and cook it down in a pot? What do you reckon.
    Your chook house looks good enough for people to live in! Good luck with your zuchinni, cucumber and capsicum. I've put my garden bed to sleep for the summer, just too hot really to grown much here over Jan/Feb and as I'm away such a lot until mid January, it's easier to just mulch and leave it alone. Cheers Lyndie

    1. As far as the stock Lyndie my guess is as good as yours. If you do give it a go and it works that would be fantastic. I always make liquid chicken stock using the carcass however sometimes I run out so having this other version on standby is handy.


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