Our kids are currently on school holidays and are having such a great break and doing different things.  Last Monday was a day out in the city with our daughter.  We both enjoy catching the train and walking around the city.  Always so much to see and it doesn't matter how many times we go there is always something new we haven't discovered.  The laneways are our favourite.

Flinders Street Station is currently being upgraded and the entire exterior is covered at the moment.   

Flinders Street Station.

There is also a lot of work going on along Swanston Street for the Metro Tunnel.  So much happening at the moment.

The purpose of our city visit was for an appointment however we grabbed that opportunity and made the most of it.  We planned on having lunch at White Mojo as she had her heart set on having this Sweet and Sour Waffle.  Unfortunately there was a line of people waiting and a wait of at least half an hour.  We then headed to the Block Arcade and found a cosy little cafe where we enjoyed our lunch together.  Lovely day.

During the week Samson and I have been enjoying our walks.  We are very slowly creeping into some little warmth which makes those early morning walks even more enjoyable.

I always try and walk on different tracks, change direction and vary the lengths of our walks which keeps it all very interesting.  Always find interesting things along the way.

On one particular walk I pass a section which has quite a few kangaroos.  I watch them and they watch me.  As long as they keep a safe distance I'm happy.

That is close enough.

Even though the weather has only warmed up a little I have noticed a big change with Samson.  He has never been great in the heat however I really think he is going to struggle this coming summer.  Our walks usually end near a lake where he always has a big drink and a little dip.  I'm sure Samson will be doing plenty of swimming soon.  Good way for him to cool down.

We tried another walking track Sunday morning which was quite hilly.  We walked just over 3km's however with the up, down, up, down it certainly gave us all a little workout.

Home has been a buzz of activity with the kids going here and there as well as a big birthday celebration for our daughter.  She had a fantastic day with family and of course her Rainbow Layer Cake.  Mum and Dad took her to the Royal Melbourne Show during the week as part of her birthday present.  This is the second time she has been and she thoroughly enjoyed the animals, dogs and cakes.  She had the best day and came home with a Freddo Frog showbag for herself and an Arnott's Biscuit showbag for her brother.

They found the CWA Kitchen where they enjoyed a lovely lunch with homemade sausage rolls and scones.

The backyard has also been a busy little place as usual.  Our chickens spend more time roaming the yard than inside their run nowadays which is just how we wanted it to be.  Samson on the other hand is spending more time inside the run eating up their greens.

Luckily he doesn't touch their eggs inside the coop.  I keep an eye on things and collect eggs whenever I can just to be sure.  He seems to know the coop is out of bounds to him and just leaves it alone.

Our veggies have been thriving with this weather too.  One day can be cold and wet and then the next dry and warm.  I've been harvesting kale, chives, parsley and cauliflower.  I'm so happy with the cauliflowers as they're a great size, bright white, crisp and very tasty.  We have quite a few more starting to come through now too.

The cabbages need a little longer.  First time growing them so I harvested one to see if it was ready.  Not quite so I'll leave the others.

I'm so happy with the cauliflowers.  I harvested two on Saturday and turned one into a cauliflower rice and the other was given to Mum and Dad.

Daylight savings has started here in Melbourne.  We turned our clocks forward one hour Sunday morning.  Takes me about a week to adjust especially meal times.  I find I'm not hungry until later and also a little tired especially Sunday afternoon.  A little timeout on the couch during the afternoon with my cross stitch and a pot of liquorice tea.  It is a mix of liquorice, fennel and star anise and one of my favourites. 


Collapsed onto the couch Sunday evening and spent time colouring in with our daughter.  We have been colouring one page at a time and only have a few pages to go.  We've had this book for a very long time and have completed it together.  I'll be on the hunt for another book soon so we can continue.  We like the younger ones over the adult versions as they are too intricate.  Another A3 size would be good.

We both had a little giggle at our colour palette with this one.

Looking forward to another great week and it looks like the sun will be shining more and we have a few warmer days ahead.  I would like to spend some time in the backyard towards the end of the week in the veggie patch and hopefully make a start on giving the chicken coop another thorough clean.



  1. Kylie, what a lovely post about your week. I've learned a bit about Melbourne in the process. I have heard that Kangas can be a bit dangerous. Your dog Samson is beautiful. We have an English Cocker named Mitzie, Todd had wanted a golden lab, but I thought it was too much dog for our small house. Your cauliflower look gorgeous, as do your other garden veg. And you have chickens! I would love to have chickens. The show bags look tasty. I love Tim Tams. A friend brought me back some from Oz once and I devoured them! So yummy! I think I would love that tea as I adore licorace. Your counted cross stitch looks nice as well. Can't wait to see it done! Have a great week! xoxo

    1. Tim Tams are big sellers at the airport through International Departures. The dark chocolate Tim Tams are the best.

  2. What a lovely post. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your jogging path looks beautiful.
    Isn't it great to have homegrown veggies? I think they taste better than store bought ones. :)

    1. Tastes better and gives you so much satisfaction especially when it's been trial and error. Also love walking past them in the shops and not purchasing knowing I have them growing in our own yard without sprays etc.

  3. The cauliflowers look perfect. I love the photos of the trails on your walks. It's nice that he has a place to swim and cool down. I think the heat is very hard on older dogs.

    1. Samson has never been great in the heat. He has been known to just stop and lay down if he finds a cool spot. Add his age to the mix and like you said the heat is hard on older dogs.

  4. Kylie I really must go to Melbourne one of these days as I haven'tbeen there for nearly 40 years. I am sure a lot has changed since then.

    1. It will be like a completely new city after 40 years - due for a visit.

  5. Your walks take you past some really lovely places, Kylie. I love walking too, especially in places where there's so much nature around. Our Sir Steve dog loves water like your Samsom does. We take Steve dog out to the local river ( a short drive from home) where he will fetch a stick from the water over and over and over again. When we get home from the river he then sleeps for the rest of the day! Meg:)

    1. Being out on these walks really seeps into you. Within the first five or so minutes I start feeling so calm and slower.
      Labs love their water and their rest. Eat, sleep, walk, sleep, swim, sleep, eat and sleep......


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