Menu Plan 24th - 30th September

The first week of the school holidays has flown by.  Our daughter had some one on one time with Nan and Pop from Tuesday to Friday, our son has worked a lot and my husband was away in Sydney for a night.  This is where I find menu planning very handy as I can prepare and have just the right amount of food without wastage and also have meals ready to be reheated if need be.  

Sunday afternoon I made a Blueberry and Raspberry Slice which Mum makes all the time and the kids love.

Blueberry and Raspberry Slice.

Dinner was super easy as I had taken spaghetti bolognese out of the freezer which I reheated and added to freshly cooked pasta.

Had such a lovely day in the city Monday with our daughter.  I had an 11am appointment so we caught the train in early and had a good walk around.  After the appointment we found a cosy little cafe in the Block Arcade.  Great coffee, yummy food, wonderful atmosphere and the best company.  We arrived home later in the afternoon and had an easy dinner.  I reheated Chicken and Corn Pies and ended up putting chips and wedges on the side.  Veggies were on the agenda however I decided to treat them to chips instead.

Whenever Mum & Dad took us out I would always order pie and chips.

I needed something easy for dinner on Tuesday and also something which could be reheated as our son didn't get home from work until late.  Leftover lasagne was pulled out of the freezer the day before and simply reheated in the microwave.

Wednesday's dinner was on oldie for us.  Chicken and Veggie Tray Bake is a goodie because the oven does all the work and you end up with a complete meal which is scrumptious.  It also fills the kitchen with such a lovely aroma, really comforting.

Chicken and Veggie Tray Bake

There was plenty leftover so that covered Thursday's dinner.  I had planned on an easier week of meals knowing that I would be busy with birthday cake preparations. 

I had noticed a few veggies were needing to be used so I chopped up a mixture and roasted with olive oil and garlic.  Pizzas on Friday night were topped with shredded ham and roast veggies.  My husband enjoyed the roast veggies  however the kids were not as keen.  You never know until you try.  Next time I'll go back to our original.

A big day on Saturday as we celebrated our daughter's birthday with this lovely Rainbow Layer Cake.

Rainbow Layer Cake.

 Dinner that night was the much loved and requested Train Smash Mornay.

Train Smash Mornay

Next weeks meal plan is very easy as the kids are visiting their grandparents in Brisbane for the week.  Looks like less time in the kitchen for me which is just in time for some warmer weather they're predicting.  I've plenty of things to do outside and will be enjoying the sunshine.



  1. What a tasty looking week Kylie! That Birthday Cake you made your daughter looks totally amazing! What a lot of work. I'm sure it was very well loved! Off to check out more. Happy to have discovered you! xo

    1. Thank you so much Marie. Welcome and I hope you enjoy.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter. Kylie! It's a beautiful cake.

  3. We love making home made muesli at our house too....the cake looks delicious. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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