Menu Plan 22nd - 28th October

Beginning my menu plan last Sunday with a very easy dinner of Veggie Loaded Bolognese which I had taken out of the freezer the day before.  I boiled some fresh pasta, heated the sauce, added cheese and dinner was served.  This left more time for baking these scrumptious Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies and helping our daughter with a very special craft activity.  

Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies.

Back to some after school appointments during the week with Monday being the first.  As I had made a double batch of Beef and Bacon Pasta Bake a little while ago I popped the extra out of the freezer and just needed to reheat it later.

Pasta Bake.

Harvested another lovely cauliflower from the garden Monday and tried something a little different by roasting the florets in tumeric and a touch of cayene pepper.  Popped them into the fridge and we picked at them over the next day or so either warm or cold.  My daughter and I really liked these.

A day out on Tuesday and yet another easy dinner with leftover pasta bake for the kids.  As my husband and I had a big lunch we only needed something very light.  I also quickly made the dough for Five Minute Bread ready for Wednesday's dinner.  This time I combined Rye flour with the white bread flour using 1½ cups of each.

The kids prefer the 'normal' five minute bread using white bread flour.  I on the other hand prefer the rye flour for the flavour and also the thicker density.  Next time I'll try different ratios such as 1 cup of rye and 2 cups of white and see how that goes. 

Five Minute Bread using rye and white bread flour.

My husband was interstate from Wednesday up until Sunday which just left the kids and I.  Our son worked Wednesday night so had dinner later and I took my daughter to an appointment after school so it was one of those nights.  A freezer meal was once again a lifesaver.  Reheated Tomato, Veggie and Lentil Stew served with five minute bread.

Chicken Jambalaya was on the menu Thursday night.  First time making this dish and it won't be the last.

A dinner both kids and adults enjoy.
Made our homemade pizzas Friday night followed by Lemon Polenta Cake which I had taken out of the freezer.  The recipe makes quite a large cake therefore I had frozen half.  Defrosted beautifully too.

In amongst running the kids around Saturday I made this delicious Tabouli Salad which was a real winner.  We all enjoyed some during the day and it made another appearance at dinner.  Toasted sandwiches using kale from the garden and Chicken Loaf with a side of Tabouli Salad was perfect.  Oh and it was followed by Lemon Polenta Cake.

A delicious week of meals and another exciting week ahead with a few more new recipes to try.



  1. You make great meals for your family, kylie. Lots of variety and they all look really delicious. I'm keen to make the carrot cake biscuits because they look scrumptious! Meg:)

    1. You just prompted me actually. I’ll make another batch.

  2. I love the look of that roasted cauliflower. The spices sound exotic and flavorful. What a happy and busy cook you are!

    1. Cooking actually does make me feel happy.

  3. I made the carrot cookies and they were great, thanks for the recipes.

    1. My pleasure. I’m glad you enjoyed them and thanks for letting me know.


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