Menu Plan 1st - 7th October 2017

I've had a very easy week as far as meals.  The kids spent most of the week in Brisbane visiting their Grandparents and that really cut things back. 

We had the rest of the Train Smash Mornay for dinner on Sunday.  Served with buttered bread this time.

I had some chicken breasts for Monday and wanted to do something a little different.  A whole chicken breast is just a bit too much in one go for me so I halved them.  I then coated them with a crumb I made using almond meal, parmesan cheese and cayene pepper.  Into the oven for just over 30 minutes and they were delicious.  Just the right size and not too dry either.

A little while ago I had soaked and dehydrated some cashews and had some left in the container which needed to be used.  They turned into Cashew Bread which was then sliced and frozen.  As I didn't have quite enough cashews for the recipe I added about 100g of walnuts to make up the difference.

I pulled the last Chicken and Corn Pies out of the freezer for an easy dinner on Tuesday.  I'm really not used to time away from the kitchen.  Itching to get back in again.

During the day Wednesday I experimented with making bread using a combination of Rye and Whole Grain Flours.  I'm trying to achieve a softer bread without using any white flour.  As I'm experimenting and trying different things I added a few tablespoons of gluten flour to the mix.  I made a total of three loaves with the one mix and I'm fairly pleased with my first attempt.  I've different ideas to try next time.

Rye and Wholegrain Bread.

Caraway seeds would go very well with this type of bread however I'm unable to eat seeds otherwise I would have them included.

A new recipe of Oven Stew for dinner that night which was tasty, warming and easy.

Oven Stew.

Our son flew home from Brisbane on Thursday night as he had to work Friday.  I wanted a special dinner just for him and was thinking about things he likes.  He is a big pasta fan as well as cheese.  Homemade Macaroni and Cheese was a very pleasing welcome home.

Macaroni and Cheese.

Plenty of leftovers for dinner on Friday instead of the usual pizza.  My husband had never tried macaroni and cheese before so I was happy his first time was homemade.

Saturday nights are always DIY however as our daughter arrived home from Brisbane I made sure there was plenty of scrumptious home cooking waiting for her.  She had dinner on the plane so these Bacon and Veggie Bites were just right.

Bacon and Veggie Bites.

I also prepared a large container of freshly cut fruit and a new batch of homemade muesli in a mason jar all ready for her breakfast Sunday morning.  Another happy camper.

It's been a busy week with a few appointments in the city however next week is looking a lot clearer at this stage.  Hoping to keep it that way.  I have a few new dishes to share and one in particular I've been wanting to try for a long time.  Looks like an exciting week of new recipes.


  1. Lots of lovely home cooking, Kylie, so nice for your children coming home to such deliciousness! Beats takeaway hands down! Meg:)

    1. It certainly does in so many ways and best part is they've realised that too. They love home cooked meals and I thoroughly enjoy cooking for them.

  2. Your meals always look so delicious and nutritious. I'm sure your kids will be excellent cooks and bakers like you. It's a great example that you are setting.

    1. Hoping they will have the tools and knowledge to know how to cook, have pantry staples and make good choices with food,


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