Menu Plan 15th - 21st October 2017

Menu planning always comes in handy however some days more so than others.  Monday was certainly one of those days where I really noticed the benefits.  As I spent Sunday evening in the city with Mum I knew that come Monday I needed something easy to prepare for dinner.  Fried Rice was the dish of choice.  Before I left on the Sunday I cooked the rice and placed it into the fridge.  I also had all ingredients handy which made dinner very quick and easy.

We had some fried rice left over which was enough to cover Tuesday's dinner along with some toasted sandwiches.  

May have overdone that sandwich just a tad.

Leftovers and toasted sandwiches are good dinners I think.

A new recipe to try on Wednesday which was Tomato, Veggie and Lentil Stew.  Such a quick and easy one to make.  I actually had it ready during the day and then reheated at dinner time.  Not only made it easier to prepare dinner but I think the flavours are stronger.  Coupled with Five Minute Bread straight out of the oven it made for a delicious meal.  

Five Minute Bread.

Tomato, Veggie and Lentil Stew.

We had a few things to do on Thursday so a few freezer meals came in very handy.  Leftover Sausage and Mash Bake and also Oven Stew were heated up and served on toast.

Friday morning I was so excited as I had plans on making iced donuts using my new donut pan.  Kept myself busy in the morning getting everything done so I could spend time in the kitchen and relax.  The time finally arrived and I really did have fun making these amazing little Strawberry Glazed Donuts.  Bigger batch coming up next time.

Strawberry Glazed Baked Donuts.

Homemade pizzas are usually on the menu on a Friday night however I changed things up a bit.  I made these Vegetarian Sausage Rolls which are always well received here.  The kids always double check with me that they're not the 'meat ones' as they are that similar.  Also for something a little different I made these Spinach and Ricotta Rolls which were absolutely delicious.

Spinach and Ricotta Rolls

Homemade sausage rolls followed by homemade donuts for dinner especially on a Friday is just right.  I also thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of baking.

Dinner was easy on Saturday with leftover sausage rolls heated up.

Have a few more new recipes plus some freezer meals on the radar for next week.  Looking forward to sharing them all with you.



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  1. You are so organized. I always feel like I have the most boring diet after reading your blog. I am amazed with the variety of meals that you produce.


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