Crafts, baking, reading and walking

Crafts, baking, reading and walking are things which I really enjoy and there has been plenty over the last few days.

I'm not the most creative type when it comes to crafts however our daughter thoroughly enjoys making things.  Something she has been wanting to make for a very long time now is a sign for a bedroom door.  Not just any sign but one for a very special lady who is a very close family friend.  The sign is for her bedroom door in the nursing home.

After making plans and having a fairly good idea on what she wanted to do we headed to Spotlight on Sunday to pick up some items.  We came home with little wooden letters, a board for the backing, paint, glue and of course glitter.  I let her have the kitchen table to spread out and off she went.  The whole afternoon painting numerous coats in between breaks outside with the chooks and Samson, listening to music and even some baking.  

The finishing touch will be a lovely lace ribbon tied into a bow. We have plans on visiting next weekend and hanging this beautiful sign.

Baking has also been another highlight these last few days with Baked Cinnamon Donuts and a new cookie recipe.  My daughter and I made the cookies together on Sunday in between waiting for coats of paint to dry and they are delicious.  

Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

I've also just finished reading another book by Sally Hepworth called The Things We Keep which I really enjoyed.  I had read her other book The Secrets of Midwives which was also good.  I'm a slow reader however I really enjoy just taking my time with books especially first thing each morning.

Now reading Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul and even though I'm only at the beginning it's already grabbed me.  The first book was good too.  Another book I've just picked up from the library is Country Style Heirloom Recipes which I read about over on Simply Joolz blog.  Just had a quick flick through and it has some scrumptious looking baking recipes which I'm really looking forward to trying.

Walking each morning is another highlight for me.  Samson and I get out for at least one hour sometimes a bit longer.  Just when I think he has absolutely had it and cannot take one more step he surprises me.  The off leash area is very close to home and no matter how exhausted he may look the second I let him off he runs.  Sometimes I wonder if he remembers he is 11 years old.  Good to know he still has it in him.

Samson in action.

Today my husband and I spent the afternoon at Williamstown with my parents and their beautiful little dog.  The four of us chatted, walked, looked in shops, walked on the pier and sat down to a wonderful lunch together.  Something different to do on a weekday and it is good to break that routine sometimes.  Very refreshing.

Williamstown Pier

View of Melbourne from the pier.

Melbourne's weather has been a real mixed bag these past few weeks and today was no exception.  The temperature was around 21°C with rain forecast for the afternoon and evening.  We were fortunate to have missed the rain whilst walking around and the sun shone most of the time for us.  The trip home was a different story though with very dark clouds looming and rain in the distance which has been predicted for this evening.
Driving home from Williamstown.

There are plenty more things I enjoy such as my cross stitch and simply curling up on the couch at the end of each day relaxing.  Simple things are usually the most enjoyable.


  1. Such a beautiful, thoughtful thing for your daughter to make that sign, I'm sure she will love it.

    1. We are all looking forward to presenting it over the weekend and hanging.

  2. Your daughter is so creative, Kylie. I love the sign. What a thoughtful gift.

    1. Oh she is just the most thoughtful girl she really is. Always thinking of others. She has done such a wonderful job and thought very hard when choosing the design and colours to match our friend’s tastes.

  3. The sign is beautiful. What a sweet gift. I know what you mean about older dogs being off leash. Mine surprise me, too. It seems to be some kind of instinct that they have. It sounds like you have been doing some interesting reading. Enjoy.

    1. Just so many books I want to read Stephanie. My list of ‘want to read’ just keeps growing,


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