Appointments, Chickens, Samson and Veggies

Another lot of school holidays have finished and the kids have just returned for the last term.  The two weeks they had went by in a whoosh as always.  Spending time resting, catching up with friends, working and visiting both sets of Grandparents kept them very busy.

Last week while they were up in Brisbane visiting their Oma and Opa I had visions of spending time in the backyard by the end of the week.  A trip into the city for an appointment on the Tuesday and then the week was mine.  Or so I thought.  As the story goes one appointment leads to another so I found myself dashing here and there and heading back into the city Friday.

Mum and I had some time to spare as I like to arrive early so we headed to the new Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.  I've been wanting to have a look around this building for a while and since we were in the area we grabbed the opportunity.

View from rooftop.

They have really thought of everything to ensure patients and their families are well accommodated and cared for.  It is lovely and bright, modern and so much helpful information to find your way around.   Mum and I enjoyed lunch on the ground floor with great food and the staff were so friendly and helpful.  The Loft is located on level 7 which has a big variety of wonderful food however the best part is the outdoor area on the rooftop.  Patients and families can enjoy some fresh air, sunshine and amazing views while eating or just taking a break.  It is set out beautifully and a lovely place to be.  We then walked around for a while in the sunshine.  May as well make the most of travelling to the city for appointments.

Closer to home and Samson has been doing well with his daily walks.  He is usually puffing and panting nearing the end of his walks however will run around like a puppy if I let him off lead.  One day was rather warm so I planned our walk to end in the off leash area so he could cool off a little.

Here he is just after I had unclipped his lead - waiting for the 'ok' command before he can go.

No surprises there.

A roll in the grass followed before running around like a puppy.  He was very tired and slept for the rest of the day.  One very happy dog.

The chickens spend the majority of their days roaming the backyard, drinking Samson's water, eating worms and bugs, greens and dust bathing.  They also like being on the decking staring at the goings on inside through the wire door.

Being such lovely weather my husband decided to sit down outside with his coffee.  Within minutes I heard him saying 'hey, get off my keyboard.'

Just trying to help.

All I could think was lucky he had finished his sandwich. 

The veggie patch is thriving with this warmer weather as well as patches of rain here and there.  So much kale for the chickens and ourselves as well as parsley and chives.  Still waiting for the cabbages to be a little harder in the middle.  The cauliflower is certainly the star at the moment.  Another three heads are just about ready for harvest and the remainder are not too far behind.  Our fruit and veggie order is looking a little smaller at the moment without having to order cauliflower, herbs and other greens.

Speaking of the backyard and our adorable pets I need to get back outside.  The chickens are currently all huddled at the sliding door with Samson sitting right behind them.  They all know the routine - dinner time.



  1. Hehee the photo with chickens trying to help your husband made me laugh. :)

  2. Your chickens and Samson are so beautiful. They look so well cared for and content. I miss my chickens. They are such rewarding pets.

  3. Ha, the chickens are so inquisitive! Lucky they didn't start pecking at the keyboard! My husband went out to feed ours once and he had kicked his toe and had some blood on it. They saw the red and started pecking at it! I looked out the back and hear him yelling "stop!". I think think they thought it was a nice juicy berry! Funny things they are!

  4. I wonder what those chickens might "write up" if they had free access to that keyboard! Meg:)


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