A Week to Recharge

We've had such a great week together and a jam packed weekend full of so much fun.  Our son who now works after school has been saving up for some new bedside tables and chest of drawers.  A trip to IKEA and then many hours putting flat packs together and he has finished off his room beautifully.  A reward for his hard work.  IKEA is a fair distance away so we had lunch together at a lovely cafe.  Just the four of us which was so enjoyable.  Chatting with the kids over lunch is different these days.  When my son asked 'would you like a coffee Mum?' I suddenly realised how much they've grown up.  Then came the 'when did you start drinking coffee?'  Where did that time go?

Our daughter enjoyed her granola - great choice I think.

As I had such a busy week of appointments running in and out of the city the week before I was a little exhausted so Mum and I had a mini break in the city for one night.  Much needed rest with lots of long slow walks, cups of tea looking at our magnificent view, lunch and breakfast in the city laneway cafes and even a 'bed picnic.' 

Our city view.
Thanks Mum xx.

Saturday was a very eventful day in our town.  We had our annual agriculture show, monthly market and it was also McHappy Day therefore people everywhere.  My daughter and I took Samson for an early walk beginning with the market where I purchased some sunflower and barley seeds for sprouting.

I also purchased a few different herbs for my teapot.  I have a collection of teas purely for taste such as the 'hibiscus/cinnamon and fennel/star anise/liquorice.  Other herb blends for various purposes such as one which contains ginger and peppermint to settle tummies and another for winding down and relaxing.  A new addition is raspberry leaf herb which has a very similar taste and look to black tea.  A good one if you are trying to make the move from black tea to herbal.

Love my herbal teas.

We then walked past the show and looked at the horses, dogs and took in all the buzz happening.  Home just in time for gymnastics.

The chickens are an absolute delight and are always roaming the backyard.  Everywhere I go I have five chickens following and a very protective or maybe jealous Samson making sure he is the closest to me.  They don't stand a chance of coming between Samson and I as he makes sure of that.  Nearly had a frozen Candy the other day as she jumped into the chest freezer which is in the garage as I was searching for something.  Couldn't imagine our backyard without pets, so entertaining and never a dull moment.

Another thing I couldn't imagine not having in the yard is of course our veggie patch.  For such a small area we really do get so much out of it.  You can't beat coming inside with a box full of produce from your very own yard.  Makes me smile every time.

Eggs, kale, leaves and chives underneath.

Things have slowed down a little this week as far as having to go places which has been great and I've really enjoyed being around home and catching up with a few friends too.

Must get myself going now as I can hear the chickens at the sliding door.  That means dinner time.  They're spot on as far as timing goes - they don't need clocks they just know.  Have a wonderful week.



  1. Your herb teas look good. Do you make your own blends? I don't like black or green tea, but love the fruit/herb ones. Never thought of making my own. Hope you're feeling refreshed after your mini break in the city. Cheers Lyndie

    1. Our local health shop has a whole shelf full of dried herbs. They fill your jars with whichever variety you like and then weigh. I research different blends on the internet first or ask them. They have a book with a few different mixes and their purpose. I really enjoy experimenting. Once home I place a teaspoon of herbs either into my little teapot or my little single cup diffuser ball. Healthier and much cheaper too.

  2. Wow! Those edible flowers are lovely. I love hearing about your chickens. Mine used to jump up and down, watching me through the French doors of their coop, when I made coffee each morning. They are so comical. I miss having them. They provide such excellent fertilizer for the garden, too.

    1. I love the flowers too. My daughter did ask if she could eat them. She enjoyed.
      The chickens are such a great addition to our yard. It would be difficult when you miss having them so much. Hopefully one day you can have them again.


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