Weekend Recap

Another weekend has rolled on by already.  One minute it's Friday evening, you blink and then it's Monday again.  

As the weather is starting to change I've not only noticed more colour in our backyard but our front yard is looking brighter too.  We have a few plants and small trees which really don't look much during Winter however come alive with colour during Spring.

My favourite one is just starting to produce it's beautiful pink leaves.

I call it our 'Umbrella Tree.'

There is another tree which comes back each year with a lovely vibrant purple flower.  A lot of daisies have popped up too mainly purple and bright orange.

Samson and I have been enjoying our morning walks however I think Friday morning takes the cake for our cheeky Sam.  We were nearing the end of a very long walk when we arrived at the off-leash park near home.  Just as I released him a group of walkers came towards us.  We said hello and had a little chat when one of them started laughing.  I turned around and here was our Samson laying flat out in a very smelly, slimely mud hole.  Quite proud of himself too.

Up he got and time for a good old roll just to make sure it was all rubbed in.  He reminded me of a those Cadbury Top Deck chocolates.  The bottom half of him was dark brown and the top white.  A little further on he jumped into a clean lake which made me happy.

Walk, mud, water, bone = happy Samson.

Our daughter joined us early Saturday morning for a long, long walk.  We chatted most of the way and both commented on how great it felt and a wonderful way to begin our day.

The weekend also provided me with the opportunity for some baking of course.  Patty Cakes with Glace Icing were a delight from my favourite cookbook.  I had a sneak peak to see which recipe was on the next page.  Looks like I'll be baking lamingtons soon.  I'm picturing a bit of a coconut mess.  

Patty Cakes with Glace Icing.

I also spent some time with Mum and Dad over the weekend which was really enjoyable.  Just the three of us this time.  We found ourselves searching through Mum's recipe folders for a special dish we used to have as kids.  The recipe wasn't to be found however the three of us put our heads together and came up with the recipe by memory.  I dished it up for dinner last night and it was exactly how I remembered it.  I rang Mum and Dad straight away as I was that excited.

Our backyard has been alive with action once again.  The chickens have been enjoying their sunflower fodder and all of the greens I've foraged for them from our yard.  When they see me cutting grass and pulling weeds for them they go crazy.  They run up and down the run and then crowd around jumping on each other in anticipation.

I'm going as fast as I can.  No pressure at all!

Grass, weeds and leaves from our veggie patch.

Sunflower Fodder.

Our girls had a fantastic day yesterday as they had the opportunity to free range once again.  Samson was quite content with his bone however we had him on lead just in case.  I walked him over a few times however he didn't show any interest in them at all.  They are also very comfortable with him unless he all of a sudden barks loud just to scare them.  He likes to do that every now and then.  He always seems very satisfied with himself when they nearly jump out of their skins.

Eggsy looking very alert, happy and ready to explore.

Bath time for Candy.

Chickens?  What chickens?  Samson and his food.  Love you Sam.

Another super weekend once again with walks, sunshine, our gorgeous pets, good food, time with Mum and Dad plus more.  All ready and roaring to go once again.  Recharged the body and mind.

I hope everyone has a great week.




  1. If it is smelly or dirty a dog will take delight rolling in it. It is great Samson wasn't interested in your chickens. I think we will need to wait til our two puppies are a bit older and more sensible before we bring in chickens. I would very much like to have the run and hen house set up quite a while before we buy any chickens, so that some plants can become established around the outside of the run. (I found the way Josh from Gardening Australia set up his chooks rather inspiring and would like to do something similar.)

    1. Plants along the outside of the run is a fantastic idea. I've also heard of growing fodder in big trays with wire over the top so they can only eat the tops and it continues to grow,

  2. HI Kylie, It sound like you had a really nice weekend. The chickens look so healthy. Samson looks so happy with his bone.

    1. He even sleeps with his bones. Takes them to bed with him.

  3. I had a chuckle at your description of Samson looking like a top deck chocolate! Our Sir Steve dog rolls around on the grass whenever we arrive home from school or an outing and, because the grass is so dry at the moment, when he gets up again he's covered in little pieces of dry grass confetti! Meg:)

    1. They make you smile every day. They're just beautiful.

  4. Samson sounds like a beautiful dog, I've always liked Labs. We have a chocolate lab cross kelpie/cattle dog "bitsa" He looks like a lean Chocolate lab, but he has what we affectionately call a "spaz bone" the minute something triggers it he is a nut! He's a very anxious dog, we didn't get him until he was 9 months old, so Im not sure if that's his nature or something happened to him, anyway he's our dog now, one thing I will say he is so protective of us, he doesn't like visitors coming to the house, we've got to put him in the laundry to stop him growling at people!

    1. They're so loyal Cheryl. I've always loved Labs too. Samson has such a beautiful way about him.
      Your dog sounds much loved too.

  5. Love the Samson story - completely innocent puppy 😊 Your weekend sounds lovely. I forget we're on opposite end of earth. Our leaves are just beginning to change as we'll soon head into autumn.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment.
      Enjoy the change of seasons. Autumn is a lovely time of year.


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