Noticing The Little Things

I kept thinking yesterday of just how much happens in our very own home inside and out in a matter of days.  I'm talking about the simple things.  Then I realised that yes a lot happens however the little things are really standing out for me now.  Spending time cooking from scratch, time in the garden and being with animals you really start noticing how things change to suit the weather and environment naturally.  For example the chickens don't use clocks they wake up as it becomes light and perch in their coop at sundown.

We are surrounded by it and I'm absorbing it all.

Here is a little snippet of some of those simple little things which have happened since the weekend and make me feel so happy.

I'll begin with our girls who bring much joy and calmness just by watching them and being near them.  I let them out of the run most days now late in the afternoon about 2 hours before their dinner.

Floss lost her way one day and ended back in the run and couldn't work out how to get back out again.  She was quite frantic.  The others just ignored her.  The gate was wide open just to her right.  Our daughter helped her out in the end.

Poor Floss.

Getting them back into the run is so easy.  Their dinner usually consists of either porridge, rice and veggies or pasta.  The moment I walk towards their run with dinner they all scatter after me straight through the gate.  

Samson has been enjoying his long walks and usually manages to find muddy puddles or smelly creeks.  

Someone is going to need a good bath soon.

Walking past McDonald's yesterday was another highlight for Samson.  Seems he quite enjoys those pickles they put in the burgers.  He found half a bun, pickles and then a cheeseburger wrapper.  I had the pleasure of removing the wrapper from his mouth.  Thanks Sam.

I usually walk him quite early however as I had to drop the kids off at school one morning his walk was delayed about one hour.  He wasn't too impressed and let me know. 

I managed to salvage it this time.  Cheeky boy.

Our veggie patch has been a real delight these past few days.   I've been watching and watching the cauliflower hoping to see little heads poking through those curled up leaves.  I only just checked over the weekend however have just found another little one poking through. There is no mistaking what this is.........

I also harvested a small amount of kale from the outer edges of a few plants.  This is my first kale harvest since planting this batch.  They are looking really healthy and strong.  Leaves are still small however growing quickly.  I shared some with the girls of course.

Evenings are time spent relaxing in my pyjamas on the couch catching up with my family and cross stitching.  I look forward to the nights.  Well I look forward to the mornings too but in a different way.  In the morning I am excited to get going and begin a new day and at night content to relax and be cosy.

My bedside table has my current book The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul which I am almost finished.  I've been enjoying this book so much that I've just ordered Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul from the library.  It is currently checked out so hoping it won't be too long.

I also have my favourite little notebook and pen on my bedside table.  My daughter spotted them one day whilst out shopping with Mum and she knew I would like them so purchased them for me.  I've used it many times during the night when something pops into my head.  I get it down on paper so I can then rest knowing I won't forget.  Comes in very handy at times.

I've also had some time to bake one of Mum's beautiful cakes which I am looking forward to sharing with you soon.  It is simple yet delicious.

Today brings another new day and who knows what surprises await.


  1. Our Sir Steve dog sulks whenever I am late walking him, Kylie, and puts on a right royal performance if his breakfast or dinner are even 5mins late!! He is so very funny ... like Samson. I went to the library yesterday afternoon, while waiting for my boy to finish his school concert practice, and picked up some great reads for the holidays coming up. I could happily spend hours in the library! Meg:)

    1. Oh I think they would get along so well Meg. Samson starts letting me know when it's breakfast and dinner time too.
      I'm hoping to quickly pop into the library this afternoon before the kids get home. There is something about libraries that pulls me towards them.

  2. Wow, that cauliflower is gorgeous! I am amazed at how much you accomplish each day. Maybe if I didn't knit so much, I would get more housework done!

    1. The cauliflower is such a bright white. Looking forward to transforming it into something delicious.
      I'm always amazed at how much knitting you get done. It's very inspiring and they're beautiful.

  3. Kylie, chooks are just so entertaining aren't they although ours aren't happy since they have been locked up. They did too much damage to the garden unfortunately.

    1. I thought they were busy little girls inside the run but even busier out in the yard. They don't stop. I did catch them scratching around the Hellebores the other day however they haven't been there since. Got my eye on them.

  4. Hi Kylie, lovely post. Isn't funny how the chickens can't find their way out of the coop sometimes? Ours do it too, they just keep pacing back and forth and my daughter always helps them out eventually. I have a little notebook and pen on the beside table too. Enjoy your cosy evenings, nothing better than that. We are looking forward to school holidays so much for relaxing days and cosy evenings.

    1. We are counting the days down for the school holidays too Belinda. One more week to go.

  5. Your Cauliflower looks very healthy, mine are just starting to form too!
    That dog is a bit of a wag I think :) what a character! LOL

    1. He has the best personality Cheryl. A real character.


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