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Our pets are always a feature which just reinforces to me just how much they are a part of our daily lives.  The backyard really wouldn't be the same without them.

Samson and I have been walking everywhere, climbing hills, walking past lakes, over bridges, quiet paths, busy streets and meeting people.  I tied his lead up to a post for a few minutes one day whilst I returned a library book.  By the time I got back there was an elderly lady totally smitten with him as well as a mother with her little girl.  Samson had his head down low and the little girl was touching his soft ears.  He was so gentle with her and seemed to be making himself small by putting his head down.  It was just beautiful.

Being in the moment and taking it all in.

I've noticed he struggles a little more these days especially up hills which are everywhere around here.  

Having a rest halfway up.  Nearly there buddy.

I love the colours of these flowers which grow on the side of the road.

Monday was an extremely windy day which made those hills a little more challenging.  Why is it always a head wind going uphill and then a tail wind downhill?  Oh well, makes us fitter and stronger.

Rare to see little waves in the lake - very windy.

Back home to our chickens and wow are they happy to be roaming the backyard.  If I go outside they gather around my feet and follow me everywhere.  They sometimes roam onto the decking and look through the window which is quite funny to see.

You're supposed to be foraging Candy and Floss.  Off you go.
We no longer have Samson on the lead when the girls are out as he is fine with them.  The other day whilst the chickens were in the yard I found Samson inside the run cleaning up their food scraps.  They were out free ranging and he was in the run.

It wasn't until the next morning when I discovered a mess which our girls had left just for me.  I can see how chickens are good for getting soil ready before planting however not so good in gardens with existing plants.  

Our monthly farmer's market was on over the weekend too.  We purchased some local honey, meat and fresh produce.  It was a very cold, windy morning so we were rugged up.

Fresh produce from our favourite grower.

I've also had an appointment in the city.  Mum and I caught the tram together and had a good catch up.  We arrived early as per usual so sat and had a coffee together.  As much as I enjoy getting out I also itch to get back home again.  The first thing I did when I walked through that door was change into my favourite shoes and straight outside to our animals.

Always good to dress up a little every now and then........

but even better to get back into my comfy clothes and boots.  Aaaah that feels better.

I've also been cooking, cooking and cooking some more.  Love being in the kitchen.  Have a few more goodies to share with you in the next few days.  One of my new discoveries was this wonderfully delicious Pull Apart Garlic Bread.

We have a birthday coming up soon and I'm thinking this garlic bread would be perfect to go with Train Smash Mornay which has been requested by the birthday girl.  I have a cake in mind too which I just can't wait to try and make.  Really look forward to sharing my 'birthday cake making' journey with you.

That is another week away yet so back to today.  Apart from an appointment this morning I've been home and able to catch up a little.  I got up and going early today and had fed our gorgeous pets, applied Seasol to the veggies, walked Samson for 1½ hours, washed and ironed a load of washing and cleaned the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.  Now I'm all up to date again and ready for the kids to come home from school.  One more quick appointment after school and then an easy dinner from the freezer.

I'll be collapsing on that couch tonight.


  1. I would be tired after walking for 11/2 hours, Kylie and I am not as old as Samson. You do have a busy day!

    1. Once the weather warms up it will be a different story. He doesn't cope too well in the heat so it will be shorter walks ending with a swim.

  2. I love reading about Samson. He looks so sweet. It is harder for them to climb hills as they get older. The wind makes it much more challenging. My lab used to sneak in and eat the eggs from the chicken coop. I only figured it out because he had terrible gas, and was gaining weight!

    1. By the time I let our girls out all five have laid an egg. I did think of Samson eating the eggs because I know he wouldn't hesitate. I'll keep an eye on that gas 🙂.

  3. Samson reminds me so much of our Sir Steve. Steve is an elderly fellow who simply sits down at the base of hills now...clearly stating his opinion about them! Meg:)

    1. That made me smile. Samson pretty much pulls back on the lead up hills but if I were to let him off he would run up. Hmmmph!


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