Menu Plan - 27th August to 2nd September

I had so much fun in the kitchen this past week.  As I'm utilising freezer meals it gave me more time to bake and share my baking with others.

It all started with the very last Sunday of winter which was very wet and chilly.  Not exactly smoothie weather however my daughter and I started the day with making up a smoothie for her morning tea and one to pack for school.   As I have an abundance of lemons I also made a lemon curd.

Dinner arrived before we knew it and I served up our Veggie Loaded Bolognese over freshly boiled pasta with double cheese.

Another Monday rolled in with yet another after school appointment.  I had made a Lamb Chop Tray Bake from Julie Goodwin's cookbook a little while ago and had frozen half.  Perfect to pull out and reheat for another busy evening.

Time for some baking on Tuesday.  Mum used to make these Custard Cakes when we were young and they are so, so good.  I finally have made my very own using Mum's recipe and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Little eyes lit up when they spotted these cakes.

Dinner was a real mixed bag.  As my husband has been under the weather with this cold going around his appetite hasn't been huge so we've had extras.  The kids had the last of the Lamb Chop Tray Bake with leftover pasta on the side.  They actually went well together.  My husband heated up his spaghetti bolognese.

Wednesday's dinner was such a simple one but much loved.  Sausages in bread with tomato sauce, mashed potato and peas.

During the day I also made this Lemon Curd Teacake as I had given most of the custard cakes to my husband to share at work.

Our daughter also made these lovely Pumpkin Savoury Muffins at school on Wednesday.  They have some good recipes which we will be keeping.

Pumpkin Savoury Muffins.

Another freezer meal was pulled out for dinner on Thursday.  Train Smash Mornay on toast.  Our daughter has actually requested this dish for her birthday.

Back to our homemade pizzas on Friday which are always enjoyed.  During the day I made Mum's Lemon Butter Cookies  and they are fantastic.  I love sharing these recipes with the kids and seeing how much joy they get just like we did.

Mum's Lemon Butter Cookies

Saturday was an extra busy one in the kitchen as I made two large salads which we took along to Mum and Dad's for a get together Sunday.  Made Pasta Salad which is a big favourite of the kids.  I also made a huge rice salad which is full of goodness.  Plenty of fresh ingredients such as capsicum, tomatoes, onion, celery, peas, corn with homemade french dressing.  My daughter also asked if she could make Mum's Custard Cakes on her own.  She did such a great job.

Pasta Salad.


Rice Salad.


Custard Cakes our daughter made.

Luckily Saturday is a DIY dinner of leftovers as we had a very messy kitchen with cake mix up the handles of spoons, dried up icing and flour all over the bench as well as a crunchy floor.  We just kept going and then I gave the kitchen a good wipe down once we were finished.

Our next menu plan will start with a few nights of leftovers which is great as well as a few more freezer meals.  We do have a busy few days coming up so having the extras and freezer meals will be very handy.  I'm sure there will be room for a little baking by the end of the week though.


  1. You know you've had a good time in the kitchen when it's messy! Your salads look amazing and those custard cakes look very tempting too. Meg:)

  2. How old is your daughter? My 7 year old tries a little to help out in the kitchen, I can be a bit impatient......Your cooking looks very much like mine. Except I don't decorate my cupcakes ever, maybe I should, they look so cute.

    1. I find it easier to leave the kitchen to give her space and time. My daughter is a number of years older than yours though.

  3. That rice salad looks just beautiful. I love all of the different colors. It makes me laugh, because I spent the afternoon at a knitting group. I sliced up some watermelon when I got home, and heated up some Top Ramen. I almost never eat it, but was lazy today. I look at all you're doing and just crack up!


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