Menu Plan 10th September - 16th September

Another exciting week of meals which started with one of my childhood favourites.  Beef Macaroni  for dinner on the Sunday.  I couldn't wait to serve it to the kids as it was one of my very favourites.  They absolutely loved it.  A recipe which I'm sure will appear quite often in this home from now on.

Beef Macaroni

Once again it was just the kids and I from Monday through to Thursday therefore meals were stretched a little further.

Monday night I dished up Fried Rice which is an easy weeknight meal and very tasty.  I cooked the rice on Sunday so it would separate easily which it did.

Fried Rice.

Our daughter also made hamburgers at school which she said were yum.  They had to eat them straight away so I didn't see them however she has the recipe so I'm sure we'll give them a go at home soon.

Plenty of Fried Rice was leftover so that covered Tuesday's dinner.

Making large batches, using leftovers and freezer meals saves so much time during the week and leaves room to get other things done too.  It also ensures there is always a home cooked meal each night. 

The pie maker made an appearance on Wednesday night for these delicious Chicken and Corn Pies.  I made the filling the day before so it was really just a matter of cutting some pastry circles and popping them into the pie maker for 15 minutes.

Chicken and Corn Pies.

Memories came flooding back once again on Thursday when I made 'Mum's Pancake Cake'.  

Mum's Pancake Cake

The cake itself has such a soft, moist texture and the lemon and sugar topping mixed with the sweetness is perfect.

That night for dinner I pulled another recipe out of my folder.  Leftover Chicken and Corn Pies with Bean and Rice Casserole on the side.  Very happy kids indeed.  My husband arrived home later that evening from a business trip and commented on the aroma from dinner the second he walked through the door.  He said it was so good to be home.  That makes me feel good.

Bean and Rice Casserole.

Made our traditional home made pizzas on Friday night.  I used the leaves from our homegrown cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower as part of the base.  I cut them into thin strips and placed them on top of the tomato base sauce and then added the toppings.

With cheese.

Without cheese.

Need to keep everyone happy.

The kids spent the night at Nan and Pop's Saturday so dinner was easy with the leftover pizza and I also made some coconut flour tortillas.  First time making them and they're delicious.  I need to make them a few more times yet as I'm not entirely happy with the thickness.  Each time I make them I'll see slight improvements. 

That wraps up another week of our meals.  Bring on next week.


  1. So many yummy things happening in your kitchen! I like the look of that bean and rice casserole - always looking for something different!

    I have put up that bread recipe for you, too!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. Thanks Joolz, I'll head over to your blog soon.


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