Chicken and Corn Pie Filling

We have a few pie fillings which work well in the mini pie maker.  Most of these fillings can be used for family sized pies in a pie maker or an oven.

One thing I've realised is that most of my pie fillings are savoury.  I'll just have to come up with some good sweet fillings as well I think.

For the time being here is a great savoury option I found on the Lifestyle site.  

Chicken and Corn Pie.

1 tablespoon oil
500g chicken thigh fillets, diced
300g can creamed corn
300ml thickened cream
4 spring onions, sliced
1 teaspoon mustard
1 chicken stock cube
1 cup frozen peas
1 tablespoon cornflour
½ cup water

Heat oil in a large frying pan.  Add the chicken and cook until just starting to brown.  Add the creamed corn, thickened cream, spring onions, mustard, chicken stock cube and peas.  Mix well and cook over a low to medium heat.

Meanwhile combine the cornflour and water in a small bowl.  Stir well to remove any lumps.  Add to the pan with chicken mixture and combine well.  Continue to cook until mixture bubbles and thickens.

Remove from the heat and store in the fridge until ready to transform into scrumptious pies.

Chicken and corn go so well together.

This mixture will make ten of these individual pies.  I did have a little mishap with these ones.  The pie machine comes with a very clear warning - 'do not overfill.'  Well I now know what happens when you try to squeeze that last little bit of pie filling into the last pie.  It seeps absolutely everywhere.  

My cleaning skills were obviously not up to scratch either.  I let the machine cool down before returning to the cupboard only to discover the filling had dried up underneath the machine and on the bench.    Note to self is to make ten pies in the future and not nine.  Live and learn.


  1. Chicken shredded and a small tin of mushrooms in butter sauce makes a great pie filling. I stew up the apples when they get soft. I put in a bit of cinnamon and this too makes a nice sweet pie filling. I love the pie maker for using up left overs in a different way.

    1. Chicken and mushrooms are another great combination. Little apple pies sound good. I may add some sultanas in there too.

  2. Those pies look fantastic, can I ask what brand of pie making machine you have, and also what is the pastry?

    1. Mine is a Sunbeam Cheryl and very old. It works perfectly. If you are looking at purchasing one also check out the Breville Pie Maker as I believe the pastry cutter is better suited to the size of pastry sheets. With mine I need to stick bits of pastry together so I don't waste offcuts if that makes sense.
      I usually use Borg's Pastry from Woolworths. Puff pastry on the top and shortcrust on the bottom. I gave the Aldi pastry a go this time however prefer the Borg's brand. I hope that helps you.

    2. Thanks so much, I might see if I can pick one up second hand, they seem to be the sort of thing people buy, use once or twice, then forget about, it's good to see you are putting yours to good use :) That's the pastry combo I use when I make a pie, sometimes I make the shortcrust from scratch and, like you, use bought puff pastry for the top. You'd have to have rocks in your head to try and make puff from scratch!

  3. Those pies look scrumptious, Kylie. Usually, I make a family sized pie but individual pies are a great idea... good for the freezer too. I will have to unearth my pie maker and get cracking! Meg:)

    1. Having the little ones in the freezer really are handy. Heating them back up from frozen is so easy with the pie maker too. Much quicker than the oven and they're lovely and crisp too.

  4. Those look delicious! We have something here in America called chicken pot pie, which looks the same. They freeze well, too. I used to make them with our Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

    1. I see chicken pot pies a lot actually on the internet when searching for recipes. Leftover turkey would be lovely.


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