Bacon & Broccolini Frittatas

Looking back through some of my old recipes I rediscovered these little frittatas.  We have quite a few eggs in the fridge at the moment from our clever girls so this recipe was perfect.

You can use a normal size muffin tin however I use a texan muffin tin which gives me six in total.  They're quite filling with veggies, egg and wrapped in bacon.  Great for snacks and lunches.  I sometimes use them for dinner too with a side of veggies or salad.

Bacon & Broccolini Frittatas.

Olive oil
2 stalks spring onion, sliced
5 mushrooms, chopped
8 sundried tomatoes, chopped
4-6 stalks broccolini, chopped
6 strips of bacon
7-8 eggs, whisked

Grease a six cup texan muffin tin and line the bases with baking paper.  I cut circles a little larger so they go up the sides slightly too.  You really need to line the bases and make sure the sides are greased well as they can stick.

Preheat oven to 180°C.

Heat a little olive oil in frying pan.  Add the spring onion, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and broccolini.  Fry over a low heat until just tender.

Line edges of muffin cups with strips of bacon.  Only line the sides and leave the bases.  I cut the strips a little depending on their size.  I usually have bacon leftover which I cook in the microwave to use on sandwiches.

Carefully spoon the veggies into each cup and then ladle the whisked egg on top.

Bake for 25 minutes.

Cool in pan for 5 minutes before carefully removing.  Remember to remove the baking paper rounds as they can stick to the bottom and are easily forgotten.  I know from experience.

Can be eaten warm or cold.



  1. Yum! I think these would be perfect with a salad for lunch. I have eggs, I have bacon, I even have broccolini. Happy days! Meg:)

  2. A great recipe; thank you for sharing!


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