A Super Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend with lots of cooking, long walks and family time together.

As I'm leaving my bike in the garage for the time being due to the swooping magpies Samson and I are taking extra long walks.  I absolutely love the mornings and the earlier we can get out for a walk the better.  There is a real calmness about it.  I love watching everything 'wake up' and the feeling of a new day beginning.  I see some new houses being built on large properties and watch their progress, hear and see many birds and sometimes can even smell breakfast cooking.  Such a fantastic way to begin the day.

Such a great dog.

Our kitchen was a busy, busy place on Saturday preparing for our family get together on Father's Day.  I had a pasta salad, rice salad and cakes on the agenda.  The very first thing I did in the morning was pop the rice into the slow cooker to give it plenty of time to cool down in the fridge.

The pasta was also cooked early so it had time to cool down.  During the course of the day we were dropping the kids off at gymnastics and work plus our normal day to day jobs in between cooking.

Pasta Salad

Rice Salad
Our daughter had her heart set on making Mum's Custard Cakes on her own to share with everyone.  I made sure I had those salads complete by the afternoon and she had the kitchen all to herself.

It was really good to see her so happy in the kitchen, talking to herself as she worked through steps, happily humming and singing.  She followed the instructions on my blog and said the pictures helped her a lot.

After seeing how I had organised myself with lists and instructions she followed my lead and started her preparations in the morning.  The first thing she did was line the trays, take the eggs out of the fridge as well as the butter to give it time to soften.  

Prep was done in the morning.

She managed to use the Vitamix on her own which was great to see.  It is a very loud machine and a little daunting for her however she did it.

Before long the cakes were in the oven and it was time for the dishes or should I say 'licking the bowl.'  

Mmmmm I think there is almost another cake here.

Once they had cooled down she iced and decorated them and they looked fantastic.

So proud of her yet again.

Her cakes were enjoyed and shared at our family get together.

We all had a lovely day on the Sunday together with home cooked food, catching up and plenty of laughter.  Everyone contributed and bought along a dish to add to the table.  As usual we had plenty of food.  Mum made her sponge cake which is the absolute best.

Mum's Sponge Cake

With all of the baking, getting together and long walks I found I was quite exhausted Saturday and Sunday evening.  I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my cross stitch so my daughter and I coloured in together instead on the Saturday night.

We have been using a large book for years and completing one page at a time.  We have a little thing going that we are not allowed to sneak a look at the next picture until we have finished the current one.  Once we complete a page, we admire it and then turn the page together to reveal our next one.  No matter what the picture is we are always excited and start talking about colours and patterns.

Our latest page complete.

Last night we relaxed on the couch together once again and this time had a game of Rummikub.  She got me again.  Such a clever girl and she certainly spots things much quicker than I do.  

View from my seat with my tray full of tiles after my daughter's victory win.

Love weekends like these and we were still talking about it this morning.



  1. It sounds like a very happy day indeed, Kylie. Lot of simple and lovely things to enjoy. I am a morning person, like you I think, and enjoy watching the world wake up around me. It does mean I fade quite a bit in the early evenings though!! Meg:)

    1. I'm the same Meg. Up bright and early, going all day and crash on the couch. As soon as I put my cross stitch down I'm out. Someone is usally nudging me at 8.30pm to go to bed.

  2. Wow Kylie, so much going on in your house on the weekend! Sounds like a fun time :)

    I loved seeing all your cooking, it always looks so delicious. I have saved some of your recipes to try as one can never have too many recipes :)

    Have a great week,

    1. Thanks Tania. We love the weekends together. Enjoy the recipes and have a great day.

  3. Hello!!
    Can you please post the recipe for your Rice Salad?
    Thank you,
    Mid-Atlantic USA (Baltimore, Maryland)

    1. Hi Joy,
      I will certainly post the recipe. Made a few changes to the original so will post my version. I've made a note and will have it up as soon as I can. It is a goodie and everyone commented on both of the salads.

  4. Sounds wonderful. Soccer season has finished for us now, so maybe there will be a little more time for such pleasures. Good on your daughter for taking the initiative to bake!

    1. I'm just so happy she does take that initiative and enjoys it. I always try and say yes to encourage her.

  5. Sound like it was indeed a wonderful weekend. I think your daughter is going to be an amazing cook just like you. :)

    1. Thankyou Nil. Still beaming from the weekend too.

  6. Your Mum's sponge cake looks wonderful - I can taste it from just looking at the photo. Yep, your daughter certainly got you good at Rummikub - have to have a rematch :). Cheers, Lyndie

    1. She gets me a lot actually. I always know when she is going to empty her tray by the little smile she tries to hide.

  7. Wow, your daughter is really doing well in the kitchen. You set such a great example for her. That's how I learned, too. Your mom's sponge cake looks divine. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend together.

    1. I think kids learn a lot from watching us. Sounds like you had a super upbringing too.


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