Menu Plan 6th - 12th August

Another week has flown past once again with two very happy kids.  I enjoy cooking and even more so when I see how much it is appreciated.  My husband was interstate for the week so with one less I was able to stretch meals a little further.

Sunday was easy once again as I had already made the bolognese sauce therefore just needed reheating plus a fresh batch of pasta boiled.  I always add a lot of veggies to the sauce which I process in order to squeeze more in. 

A very chilly and wet Monday awaited us.  The morning wasn't too bad however we by late afternoon it was freezing cold with rain and a small thunderstorm.  Late morning I made some pizza muffins which were used for school lunches and also came in handy for the 'Mum I'm hungry, is there anything to eat'.  Savoury type muffins are great for school and snacks in general and these ones have quite a few veggies too.

Pizza Muffins

Dinner was a favourite which we haven't had in quite a while Bacon and Broccoli Risotto.  I make this using the Bellini.

Bacon and Broccoli Risotto

During the day I also made  a boiled fruit cake.  Once cooked I covered it with foil and left it in the tin overnight.

Tuesday morning was the big moment.  Time to cut the fruit cake.  I am so happy with this cake.  Another great recipe from 'The Country Table' cookbook.  This means the next recipe is the Feather Light Sponge Cake.  I think the name is scaring me.  Oh I hope mine is light and not the complete opposite. 

Boiled Fruit Cake

An hour before dinner I put a 5 Minute Bread  into the oven for baking.  I had made the dough on Monday night.  Didn't take long before that lovely aroma was wafting through the house.  It was the perfect accompaniment to Mum's homemade soup.

Thanks Mum.

My trusty little pie maker made an appearance Wednesday night.  I made these yummy little Steak and Mushroom Pies.  I made the filling on Tuesday as it needs to be cold to assemble the pies.  Wednesday I popped them into the pie maker and they were just perfect.  Our son had his reheated when he came home from work.  Another advantage of the pie maker is that you can reheat thawed pies in 12 minutes and they are steaming hot inside and crispy on the outside.  So easy.

These are just so good.

As I knew I would be out Thursday afternoon I planned a freezer meal which was Train Smash Mornay.  It was good to know I had dinner waiting at home whilst I was out and about.

Friday was a student free day so after a morning dental appointment we were all home to stay.  During the day I made this lovely Cashew bread which turned out so well.  I'm really pleased with this new recipe I found.

Cashew Bread.

I changed things up a little for dinner so instead of pizzas we had pizza pockets.  Everyone loves these.  I make the sauce myself using the Bellini and it is really tasty and versatile.  I add most of the veggies listed however if I don't have them I use whatever we have in the fridge or garden.

This sauce can be used in so many different dishes.

I usually make the same filling each time and omit the cheese only because our daughter doesn't like cheese so easier to leave out.  I mix a tin of pineapple together with some of my homemade sauce and diced ham in a bowl first and then add. 

Pizza pockets.

Saturday was very quiet as our daughter had a sleepover at Nan and Pop's and our son worked until 9pm.  Once he arrived home pizza pockets were reheated and there were plenty to fill him.  I made myself a salad with fresh herbs and diced ham with some of the pizza sauce mixed through and it was delicious.

A week of some old favourites plus a few new recipes discovered.  Next week requires some extra planning, cooking ahead and freezer meals due to a rather busy one.  This is where menu planning really helps me.  


  1. Those pizza pockets look quite moreish, Kylie. Yum! Meg:)

  2. Your pizza muffins look a really easy method - gonna give it a try. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Oh, I am so looking forward to Fall, when I can start cooking and baking again. Everything you make looks just delicious. Right now it's too hot in Southern California to turn on the oven. Soon...


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