Menu Plan 20th - 26th August

We had a great day last Sunday as our daughter had a gymnastics competition which was all about having fun.  She was beaming afterwards and so happy she attended.  As we were out for a good part of the day I needed an easy dinner so had defrosted a bolognese sauce.  All I had to do later was reheat the sauce and boil the pasta.  Dessert was our yummy Sponge Cake.

My very first sponge.

Monday was a run around day with one before school appointment and two after school appointments.  Mum and Dad helped me out in the afternoon as I couldn't be in two places at once.  They are too good.  I prepared Savoury Mince earlier and also loaded the rice cooker.  Once we arrived home all I had to do was press a button on the rice cooker and then reheat the savoury mince.  Really enjoyed having Mum and Dad stay for dinner too.

Savoury Mince

Using up leftover pasta as well as savoury mince made for an easy dinner on Tuesday.  I also cooked some oven chips which were accompanied by tomato sauce of course.  The last of the sponge cake was devoured too.

School interviews were held on Wednesday therefore I organised a freezer meal of Chicken and Ricotta Meatballs  which are very tasty.  During the day I also made my favourite Chicken Coconut Curry.  The curry aroma was wafting right through the house which was perfect on a cold, wet day.

The kids had another student free day Thursday so the three of us visited Mum and Dad for lunch.  I made our yummy Steak and Mushrooms pies for everyone.  We had a great afternoon.  I bought along our pie maker to heat up the pies and coffee plunger.  Mum had made her beautiful homemade chocolate cake.

Steak and Mushroom Pie

Dinner was an easy and simple meatloaf.  I find meatloaves a good weeknight option as the actual preparation is super quick and you can then get onto other things whilst it's cooking.  The remainder of Mum's chocolate cake was enjoyed for dessert.  A great day of yummy home cooked food to share.

As I had changed our usual pizza night's the last two weeks I decided a homemade pizza was due again on Friday.  I made the usual ones to suit everyone's taste which includes one without cheese.  I'm always trying to think of ways to help the topping stay on the pizza without cheese.  Sometimes I whisk a few eggs and spread that over or even make little divets and crack eggs into them.  Having pineapple helps a little.

We were due for a little baking by the time Saturday arrived and seeing that it is a 'help yourself' dinner I had some extra time.  Mum had given me a huge bag of lemons which we are slowly working through so I made this Lemon Olive Oil Cake and Muffins which were delicious.  Had a little kitchen disaster with the muffin part however they are still being eaten with comments such as 'mmmm these muffins are good.'  

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Presentation aside - they're delicious.

As I make double batches whenever I can and also freeze leftovers I still have plenty of freezer meals.  With that in mind I'm utilising them which saves me time, money and gives me more freezer space.  Looking ahead at next week's plan I'm thinking I may have some extra time for baking.  Hoping to share a few of Mum's baking recipes she has passed onto me.



  1. what a yummy week you had

  2. Sponge cake, I haven't made one for years. All I have in the freezer is 1 serve of chicken and vegetables soup. I need to stock up soon.


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