Last Day of Winter

The sun was shining today for the last day of Winter.  In between my usual jobs I've been happily spending time around home.

Firstly the all important coffee.  Whilst eating my breakfast and enjoying my coffee I visited my favourite blogs and caught up with everyone.

My favourite coffee mug and plunger.

Before long I was putting on my boots and heading outside to refresh Samson's water and clean the chicken coop.

First egg of the day.

Back indoors again and I tended to the sunflower and barley sprouts by rinsing and draining.  I also added more barley to a jar of water to soak.

This system has been working a treat.

I'm really interested to see how the sunflower seeds grow and how it will differ from the barley fodder.

Yesterday I ordered our fresh produce which will be delivered today.  Our local fruit and veggie shop is currently delivering until they secure a new location.  I emptied the veggie drawers and gave them a wipe down ready for the delivery.  We have a few bits and pieces left from the last lot which will be used first.

Ready for today's fresh delivery.

Had a little scary moment on my bike yesterday.  I was swooped by magpies in three different locations.  It was the second time that really got me as it gave me such a fright I almost fell off my bike.  This magpie kept going for about half a block until an elderly couple started tooting their car hoon frantically which was enough to distract the magpie.  Hence my bike will be staying in the garage for a while now just until I get over the little scare.  I decided to go on an extra long walk with our Samson instead.

It was the perfect morning.  We walked through parks, along tracks, past lakes, crossed creeks and also through an area which was busy with school traffic.  So much more noise and kids everywhere.  As we were walking past a large group of kids they were yelling out 'hey, that's Samson'.  Then I heard 'hi Mrs........'.  Took me a while to realise they were speaking to me as I'm not used to being called by my surname.  They're great kids.

Once home I hung a load of washing outside in the sunshine and then spent a little time in the veggie patch.  Another Romanesco Broccoli was harvested along with a few leaves from various broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for the kitchen and our chickens.

Romanesco Broccoli I harvested today.

Hoping those cabbage heads develop soon.

Whilst I was out in the veggie patch I mixed compost in and around the cauliflower and then added another layer of lucerne mulch.  I find it tricky applying compost and mulch around existing plants especially when they produce large leaves such as the cauliflower.  I concentrated on one plant at a time and did it properly instead of looking at the whole section and thinking 'aaaaah.'  I still need to do the Hellebores which will be in the next day or so.

Back to that wonderful Romanesco Broccoli.  I remember cooking my very first broccoli in the frying pan with cashews and everyone enjoyed it.  This time I roasted the whole broccoli using a recipe I found on the Make & Haus site and it is so good. 

Roasted Romanesco Broccoli - delicious.

Due to our extra long walk this morning our Samson spent most of the day resting in the sunshine.  Each time I went outside he would wag his tail, lift his head and then go back to sleep again.  

The moon was visible in the perfect blue sky this afternoon.

As the day progressed I made some homemade rolls and had them coming out of the oven just as the kids walked in the door from school.  Warm rolls with butter melting throughout is just delicious.

It may be the last day of Winter however there will still be plenty of bread making.

We then had a surprise visit from Dad.  The kids were so happy and we all sat in the lounge room with the sun coming through the windows for a coffee and chat.

Our fruit and veggie delivery arrived shortly after Dad left which gave me just enough time to unpack before dinner.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and our first day of Spring.  I use the beginning of each month as well as the start of seasons as reminders.  The first five days of each month I add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to the chickens water as a prevention and to keep them healthy.

Samson also receives a flea/worm prevention tablet four times a year.  I use the first day of each season to give him his tablet.  It is such an easy way to remember.  The beginning of the months and seasons are my two little reminders which work well for me.

To finish off a wonderful last day of Winter I am heading for the couch now to snuggle up in my warm pyjamas and do my cross stitch.  Recharge time and looking forward to another great day and the beginning of Spring.




  1. Sounds like a full and fulfilling day, Kylie. Samson is like our dog, Sir Steve, who sleeps a lot after walks too! Meg:)

    1. He does seem to be sleeping more and more the older he gets too. Looks so happy and content which is the main thing.

  2. Hi Kylie, I have already stopped riding to work, I just hate getting swooped by magpies, they really scare me. So I just don't take a chance any more. I used to ride until I was attacked so I must be getting older or wiser😉Have a lovely Friday.

    1. I put up with them last year but this last attack really got me. Looking at my bike sitting there is hard. I just know I won't be able to wait. For now though happy to walk.

  3. A warm welcome to Spring. I hope the magpies leave you alone in future. Is it something that happens often?

    1. They swoop every Spring. Usually all of September so they were a little early this year.

  4. Your day sounds lovely. Except for the magpies. I wonder if there was a nest nearby to make them aggressive. I'm glad you were not hurt.
    I too look forward to September though here it's fall. The weather is getting cooler.

    1. There are nests everywhere at the moment.
      You must really be looking forward to the cooler weather. Autumn is a lovely time of year.

  5. That sounds scary with the magpies. It reminds me of the scene with Tippi Hedron in the movie The Birds. Your rolls look divine. I bet they tasted delicious with butter. You sure create a nice home for your family and pets.

    1. Thankyou so much.
      I've packed a fresh homemade roll for my daughter's school lunch today with homemade lemon butter.

  6. What a lovely day (except for the magpies, getting attacked by birds would scare me!). And I cannot get over your romanesco. I wish I knew what we were doing wrong with ours--two seasons of it growing and growing and never forming heads. We may try again this fall (too hot to garden here in the summer, but we are prepping for our fall garden slowly, between rainstorms) once it cools off a bit--can't wait. :)

    1. I hope you have success with your Romanesco Broccoli this season. Enjoy that cool,weather once it arrives.

  7. Lovely to read through your day Kylie, sounds productive and fulfilling! And those bread rolls look delicious too.

    1. The kids loved those rolls warmed up in the microwave. Our son had cheese oozing out the sides.


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