Friday catchup

Sharing a few little snippets of our past week or two.  Just a bit of this and a bit of that from around our home.

Our weather has been up and down which is actually quite normal I guess.  Having sunny days around the 18 degree mark and then switching to very cold, windy, wet conditions the next day.  Our veggies really seem to like these changes as they get a bit of everything.  As usual I've been watching them grow every day and am happy to report that our very first cauliflower is well underway.

I keep looking at this photo as if it's not real.

The others are still coming along so hoping by the time the first one has been harvested and used the next lot will be ready.  Looking at that cauliflower makes me so happy because I grew that.  Once again I seem surprised by the fact it even looks like a cauliflower.  I have visions of cauliflower rice coming up.

Our cabbage will be another first and they seem to be doing the right thing so far.  The centres are looking more and more like a cabbage however they have a little further to go first.

My favourite broccoli is really doing well and we have another few heads which are nearing harvest.  

I will be cooking this broccoli the same way as my first broccoli harvest as it was scrumptious.

The kale seems slow however it is growing and the leaves feel really strong and are a good colour.  I remember growing kale last year and when it took off it really took off.  Looking forward to sharing with our chooks.

Over in the little garden bed on the side of the house we have a few more white flowers and the 'Joy Bouquet' has finally said hello.

'Joy Bouquet' - Winter Rose Collection

Our chickens are keeping me busy and entertained as usual.  They're providing us with so many eggs which I love sharing with Mum and Dad.  Every time I crack open an egg I'm amazed at the large yolks and the bright colour.  They really are so different than the shop bought ones.  I've been busily growing fodder for our girls and will share the steps and stages very soon.  One of my favourite parts so far has been drilling the holes in the trays.  I just wanted to use that electric drill and do it by myself which I did.  Once I worked out what a 'chuck' was and how to secure a drill bit off I went.  

A few little cracks but nobody should notice - sssshhhh!

Our Samson is doing very well, running around and seems to be pain free at the moment.  I gave him a big bone the other day and he buried it within the first half hour.  Saving it for later I guess.  The moment I went outside he ran over to his 'not so secret' hidey hole and stood guard.  

Just a little obvious there Samson.

Later on he must have got the munchies so it was retrieved and within a day had almost disappeared completely.  

Morning walks are getting more and more interesting as winter is nearing an end.  So much colour in the park and front yards.  Daffodils everywhere and gardens have just popped with colour.  

Walking past one yard I couldn't help but notice this tree as the flowers are such a beautiful colour. 

Love this tree with the 'pinkish' flowers - very bright.

I've been watching this playground being built over the last few months.  Looks like it's nearing completion now.

Just made it home before that rain arrived.

There is always something to see when we go for our daily walks.

Back at home again and the kids have had a few student free days which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  They spent one of those days in their pyjamas relaxing and really just enjoying being home.  All warm and cosy.  Our daughter spent most of that day with her loom bands spread all over the kitchen table.  

Rubber duck and some other little creature.

Later on they both sat down together and had a very long game of Monopoly.  It was such a great day and we all had a recharge.

Now we have another weekend ahead of us which I'm really looking forward to as usual.  Morning walks, farmer's market, baking and perhaps my first ever sponge cake.  I have all of the ingredients and cake tins ready to go.  

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    A big congratulations for your brassicas - such a thrilling achievement. But I'm especially impressed with your hellebores. I am looking at a vase full of them here that a friend brought for me from her farm near Goulburn, another chilly spot in winter. If your stems are long enough and you can bear to sacrifice the garden, they look magnificent in a vase!


    1. Thanks Vanessa. I would love to know how your friend feeds her hellebores as mine have flowered however I would like to see the whole plant grow bigger to fill some space.
      Enjoy looking at your Hellebores.

  2. Congratulations on the cauliflower, Kyle. It looks perfect. One of my favorite soups is cream of cauliflower with cheddar cheese. It's delicious! Like Vanessa, I am very impressed with your hellebores. I wonder if we can grow them here in California? Samson looks so happy with his big huge bone. What a sweetie. Have a great weekend. You always sound so positive.

    1. I was just looking at a cauliflower soup recipe however am now tossing up between that and roasting the florets in garlic, lemon and seasonsings. Mmmm decisions.
      Have a great weekend.

  3. How nice to have home grown veggies, Kylie. They all look great. Just the other day I sautéed cabbage and also made a cauliflower curry. Roasted cauliflower sounds delicious. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I was just reading your post with sautéed cabbage. I was at the farmer's market this morning and was holding at a bunch of curry leaves but put it back. Next month's market I will buy a bunch and hopefully my cabbage will be ready too.


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