Bin Liners

We have been making quite a few changes in our home to reduce the amount of waste.  One of those changes is doing away with plastic bags as bin liners.

As we recycle as much as we can plus add scraps to the compost as well as feeding the chickens we can get through a whole day with just the one liner however some days we made need to use a few more.

It's quite interesting when you begin as it makes you more aware of just what you are throwing away.  I was surprised by the amount of tissues.  Happy to say the little tissue culprit has already made a big difference in reducing their tissue use.

Bin Liner.

Now this will teach my skills in explaining steps and giving instructions.  I've taken photos and hope this little photo tutorial is easy to understand and follow.

Stack three sheets of newspaper together.  The amount of paper used depends on how thick you would like the liners.  I find that three layers is plenty for absorbing and holding.

Fold the bottom right hand corner up as shown in the picture below.

Step 1.

If your paper is square you can skip steps 2 and 3.  As our papers are rectangle I need to make a few more folds. 

Fold bottom left hand corner up as shown here. 

Step 2.

Fold the left side over to form a triangle.

Step 3.
Tuck this folded side in under the top three sheets.

Hopefully we now all have the perfect triangle.

Turn the triangle so that the long folded edge is close to you and the tip is at the top. 

Step 4.

Fold the bottom left hand corner over stopping just short of the right hand edge.

Step 5.

Repeat with the right hand corner by folding it over and stopping just short of the left hand edge. 

Pull down the top three sheets from the tip and fold over.

Step 6.

Flip the whole liner over and repeat with the remaining three sheets.  They look like little flaps.

Step 7.

You now have the perfect little bin liner ready to go.

Once I have my pile ready I hold them together with an elastic band and store under the kitchen sink for easy access.

I actually really enjoy this time folding the papers as it's quite relaxing.  Another little step towards reducing our waste.  I'm finding all these little things are not only making a huge difference in our waste it is also making the kids more aware.  Not much room in the kitchen bin nowadays so really need to think about either adding the rubbish to recycling, soft plastics, compost etc.

Time for me to sit down and finish these papers sitting in front of me.


  1. A good idea, Kylie. Paper folding is quite calming as long as you can understand the instructions. I have had some fun in the past trying to make seed packets when the instructions were not clear.

    1. Oh I know exactly where you are coming from. I've spent many hours trying to follow instructions before I finally work it out.

  2. Clever you, I really like that idea. I use a lot of our newspapers for use in the garden, however I am going to try and use some for making pots for seedlings.

    1. I never thought of that. Great idea.

  3. Thanks for these instructions, much easier than other methods I have seen.

  4. Very nice. I use one bag a week for my trash. I like to reuse the bags. Between composting and recycling, I throw away very little.

    1. It's amazing how much we can reduce our waste by just changing a few small things and habits. We can all make a difference.

  5. I make these bin liners when I buy the newspaper. I don't buy it often as I read news online. :)

    1. I don't buy the papers either and use our local papers which are delivered weekly for our liners. I remember you introduced us to these liners on the forum Nil.

  6. Thankyou Kylie, I'm going to see if my daughter (10yrs) can do these. Your instructions and photos look very clear. And I know what you mean about the tissue monster, I had one of those, using them for bookmarks because she couldn't find hers!! I had to put a stop to that very quickly!!

    1. I shouldn't laugh I know but that did give me a little chuckle.
      I hope my instructions work well and your daughter enjoys her origami.


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