Sunday Morning

Another very chilly start here for us.  I've had a very 'happy busy' Sunday morning.

First thing this morning was a rather chilly walk with Samson.  I had so many layers on I could hardly move.  I had gloves, thermals, beanie, scraf and very thick socks.  Even though it was cold I felt warm except for my face which was fine.  I came home with very rosy cheeks and feeling quite energised.

Once home I grabbed the shopping list and darted out to Coles before the crowds.  I have noticed Sundays are getting very busy at Coles lately.  Luckily I'm a very early riser and am out of there before most people arrive.  Now I have everything we need for the week which saves me so much time.  I have a menu plan plus all of the ingredients all ready to go.

Next on the agenda was a hilly bike ride and then I spent some time with our wonderful pets.  Samson and I played a little fetch with his favourite toy.  He takes this to bed with him every night.

Guarding his toy - I managed to get it again for some more fetch.

Our girls were due for a little morning tea which was yet another pinata.  They just love their pinatas.  

Candy seems to have found a good position.

Our last two weekends were a little busy however today I finally spent a good few hours in the veggie garden.  I have laid some compost around the veggies and another layer of lucerne.  I'm growing broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage for the first time and they seem to be doing well.  Now with some fresh compost and mulch I'm hoping they will be even happier.

May have planted the Broccoli and Cabbage a little too close.

I may have too many in the one little area.  If so, that's fine by me.  It will be another lesson the garden has given me and I do learn from it.  The best way for me.

I'm also growing kale again this year and have extra to supply our chickens.

Enough Kale for everyone.

Snipped some bright green parsley to enjoy.  In no time at all it will have grown back and ready for picking once again.

Ate quite a bit on the way into the kitchen.

I've also been thinking a lot lately about having different things in the chicken run for entertainment.  We have a few pots laying around of varying sizes so I placed them into the run for the girls to investigate.  They are quite heavy so my husband shared his muscles and carried them in.  Harriett was very curious indeed.

Ooooh she was very intrigued.

I tried to get the others to have a little look around and perhaps jump up and play.  Nope, they were more interested in pecking at my boots.  They really just love being close to you so I'm not complaining, love it.

Can they get much closer?

They did eventually meander over there and have a good look around.  Candy was the first to jump up.  She is the one who is always up on everything, loves to swing and always jumps onto your back or shoulder.  It will be interesting to see how our 'not so elegant' Harriett handles it all.

I'm also hoping that little creepy crawlies may make a little home underneath.  I will turn them over in a few weeks and cross my fingers the chickens have a little feast.  Another idea for the future is to plant something inside for the girls to munch on.

Whilst I was setting up our little 'chicken gym' Samson was patiently waiting for his turn once again.  Another quick game of fetch.

Don't be fooled by that face.  It's the 'I'll make you feel guilty' face.

It works of course.  How can you just ignore that look?  Oooooh he's good - cheeky boy.

That was my Sunday morning.  I am certainly a morning person.  Mornings such as today are the very best.  Doing the things I love to do and enjoy.




  1. I am a morning person too, Kylie. I love getting up before anyone else, and thinking about what I'll do that day and just soaking up the quiet. It is a little more tempting to stay in bed in Winter but even when I do get up, everyone else is still in the Land of Nod. Your veg patch is looking really healthy...fantastic! Last year, I had a good crop of broccoli but this year, for some reason, the possum has decided he fancies little broccoli leaves so just a few plants has survived his "trimming"! Samson is very cute, Sir Steve dog sends his greetings! Meg:)

  2. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos Kylie, I particularly love the ones of Samson doing the whole guilt thing. Aren't pets wonderful? Sadly we no longer have any, so seeing yours makes me smile. Enjoy your Sunday:) Margaret

    1. Oh Margaret I'm so glad our Samson made you smile.
      Pets are the best really. We are big animal lovers here.

  3. I love your chicken pinata, I am going to make one today for my girls. Your chickens look very spoiled. I often find myself out hanging with the chickens and get caught out talking to them by my neighbours who must think I am a crazy chicken lady by now!

    1. I would love to know how your chickens go with their pinata.
      I'm sure the neighbors have heard me yapping away too.


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