Quality Time Together

The past few days have been absolutely lovely.  I've been so fortunate to be able to spend some good quality time with our beautiful daughter exploring Melbourne and staying for the night.  

We have been looking forward to our little trip and counting down the sleeps.  Wednesday morning my husband dropped our son off at work for a 7am shift and then continued onto his work.  My daughter and I tended to the animals, last minute washing and were on our way to the city bright and early.

On the way we picked up Mum and the three of us jumped on a tram.  We looked at everything as it whizzed by chatting about this and that filled with excitement.

Our first stop once we hopped off the tram in the city was the Hopetoun Tea Rooms.  We waited in line for about 15 minutes which gave my daughter time to window shop at their wonderful selection of cakes.

Amazing cakes.

Hot Chocolate to go with a Lemon Tart.

The staff were very busy however super organised and very, very friendly.  Even the people in line were friendly and chatty.  The atmosphere was special.

After our morning tea we headed up to the hotel to drop off our bags.  It was late morning however we were able to check into our room and were fortunate enough to be upgraded to a Deluxe room.

The three of us walked and walked around the city for the day and then Mum headed back home on the tram.

My daughter and I then walked all the way to the Fitzroy Gardens.  We were surrounded by trees, water, ducks and great walking paths.  We visited the Conservatory first which my daughter found amazing.  The second she walked in she said 'wow.'  She was very, very impressed.

We then wandered over to the Tudor Village and once again she was amazed.  She was pointing out this and that and just so taken with it all.  

Brings back my childhood memories.

Next was of course the Fairies Tree.  I remember this tree and just staring at it for so long as a child.  It was so good to see the same reaction and feelings in our daughter.

The Fairies Tree.
I just love these words.

By this time our little legs were getting very tired plus it was starting to get dark and a little nippy.  Back to our hotel where we jumped straight into our pyjamas and ate our dinner together.  We couldn't help but check out the happenings below from our balcony and then we sat on the couch together and soaked it all in, every second.

Next morning we were up bright and early as we are both morning people.  Yep, you guessed it another walk.  We rugged up with scarves and gloves and had a lovely stroll through the city.  People and cars were everywhere and all in a hurry.  It was just so, so interesting and we loved watching the city wake up and come alive.
Bourke Street Mall.

We then enjoyed a big breakfast together of bacon and eggs in a cosy little cafe down one of Melbourne's many hidden laneways.

After a long breakfast and a lot of chatter about anything and everything we collected our luggage and jumped back onto a tram home.  We had the most amazing time together.

As we were away for the night it was also the perfect opportunity for my husband and son to spend some one on one time together.  The two of them went out for dinner and really caught up with each other.  They also looked after our clever chickens and Samson.  Our son had to make his own way home from work during the day which he did.  He heated up two meat pies for lunch, tended to the chickens needs and also bought our Samson a lovely treat.  

One happy pooch.

Such a wonderful time for all of us and I'm sure one we will all have very fond memories of for a long time.



  1. Kylie, it sounds like you had a lovely time with your daughter. That's so wonderful.
    I'm going to add Hopetoun Tea Rooms to the list of places I want to visit the next time I'm in Melbourne. :)

  2. What a lovely time, Kylie. Where did you stay in the city as I would like to visit Melbourne again maybe next year. I used to live near the Fitzroy Gardens back in the early 1970s and walked through there to the city.

    1. We stayed at the Stamford Plaza which is up your end of the city. I remember we used to have a yearly picnic at the Fitzroy gardens with another couple of families under one of the big trees. We loved that picnic.

  3. Looks and sounds like a lovely time was enjoyed.

  4. I would love to visit those tea rooms, Kylie, though I think I would have trouble choosing!! How lovely to share such a wonderful trip away with your daughter. Meg:)

    1. I think they need a little 'tasting' plate Meg so you can try a bit of this and that.


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