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Our garden is just full of surprises.  I've been trying so hard not to look at our veggies every single day.  We have had some rain over the last few days and I have managed to hold myself back from peaking until today.  

Cauliflower was the first one I had a little look at.  I carefully pulled a few leaves aside and was that excited by what I saw that I actually said out loud 'aaaaaah, we have cauliflower.'  I even startled poor Samson who was busy chewing away on his new bone.  

My very first cauliflower.

I keep looking at this photo and still can't believe my eyes.  It even looks like a cauliflower.  Not sure what I expected to see really.  Of course it will be a cauliflower I keep saying to myself.  Being a first timer with so many veggies and learning as I go I get so excited when something grows.

Picturing cauliflower in the fruit and veggie shop where I pick it up off the shelf and pay then seeing one in my own garden gives me such a great feeling of satisfaction.  Very soon I'll be able to walk straight past the cauliflower in the shop. 

The cabbage was next on my radar.  Getting close as the leaves in the centre almost look like little cabbages.  Visions of making sauerkraut and also pinatas for the chickens using my very own cabbages.

Broccoli was next and I was jumping for joy once again.  They're all growing at different stages which is perfect.  Broccoli is one of my favourite veggies. 

I keep staring at this picture - I grew that!

Next was the kale which is looking healthy and coming along.  I'll be snipping those leaves in no time at all.  I'm growing plenty of kale to share with the chickens.

By the time I left the veggie patch I had a huge smile and I'm still smiling.  Over to the garden bed on the shady side of the house.  This area had been left for years and was just full of weeds and old pots.  Being in such a shady area has made it difficult to grow plants.  Last year I visited the nursery and they recommended Hellebores.  Over the summer they were just twigs sticking out of the ground.  I perservered with them hoping they will bloom in the winter.  Although very slow a few started forming buds a few weeks ago.  Today I had a wonderful surprise.

Winter White.

My very first flower.  Hard to believe that over the warm months this plant looked like woody sticks poking out of the ground.  Bright green leaves slowly started to form and now it is flowering.  Such an accomplishment and another great feeling as this area is a difficult one.  I only planted a few of these as a trial however will now expand this garden bed with more Hellebores.

Further along is another Hellebore from the Winter Rose Collection.  More surprises as buds have formed.

Joy Bouquet
A little walk through our garden has left me with a huge smile, accomplishment, satisfaction and so much more.  I'm more than happy right now.  Growing things is amazing.


  1. Growing things is totally amazing! It always gives me a buzz to see plants popping their heads out of the soil when you least expect it. Have a lovely Friday.

  2. Wow! You are doing great work in your garden. Everything looks so healthy. Congratulations. I grew cauliflower and broccoli one year. It was very rewarding. Chickens make a big difference, too. Their manure is so perfect for composting.

    1. I'm looking forward to adding the chicken manure. Just waiting for the first lot to break down. Out garden will love it.

  3. I love your enthusiasm, I've been growing veggies for a long time now, and I still get a thrill every time something grows!
    You just wait until you serve it up on a plate, you'll find yourself telling everyone at the table (more than once) how you grew it with your own hands :) LOL

  4. Just wait till you start serving what you harvested from your own garden (especially the ones that take a little longer to grow), now that is an amazing feeling. Well done x

  5. Your garden is looking great, Kylie:) Growing food yourself is just so rewarding. Harvesting, cooking and serving food you've grown yourself is quite addictive too! Meg


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