Our Chickens First Freerange

Sunday was a big day for our girls.  Their very first time out of the run to forage, bathe and explore.  As this was their first time plus ours we only had them out for a few hours in the afternoon.  Bit of a taste test to see how we all go.

The second I opened the gate they were out all except little Annie.  I shouldn't laugh but as I opened the gate she was behind it whereas the others were right at the entrance.  Four chickens out and little Annie trying desperately to get around the gate.  She was going crazy trying to join the others.

....and they're off.  Come on Annie you can work it out.

Before long she was out with the others enjoying the sunshine and freedom. 

I tried to get a good little group photo but they wouldn't have any of that.  Just too busy exploring and who can blame them.

Not their best angle.  Thanks girls.
They were so interesting to watch.  In the beginning they stuck together as a group however it didn't take long to explore further.   That's when they came across their first little treasure.  The perfect dirt patch for a dust bath.  All went well in the beginning until they all wanted to be in the one spot of course.  Four happy girls totally enjoying their dust bath except for my Floss.  Not one of them would let her in.

Floss just before she was shown the door.

She fixed them though by finding her very own dust bath and it was huge.  Yep, she scored the big corner spa all to herself.  

Over the past few months I've noticed Eggsy is the dominate one especially towards Floss.  The others seem to know how to handle her however my Floss is a little more delicate.  Each time I enter their coop Floss always comes over to me with non stop chatter.  I'm sure she is trying to let me know they're not including her.

This behaviour and pecking order was a lot more evident out in the yard.  Eggsy is definitely the boss of everyone.  She does make me laugh though the way she goes about things.  Whilst they were bathing she decided to change spots.  Absolutely no waiting around with this girl.  She trods on anyone who gets in her way and they just give her room.  Definitely a girl who knows what she wants and gets it.  

This is a sight I just love.

The sun was shining and I had plans on gardening however I was enjoying the chickens just too much.  Equipped with a hot cup of Hibiscus and Cinnamon tea and a sunny position was where I found myself.  

After their bath they slowly started to move about a little more.  I kept saying 'forage, forage, find insects, explore, eat'.  Guess who took the lead, yep Floss.

It warms my heart to see them in the sun roaming around, eating insects, scratching, bathing and really enjoying it.

Eeeew Floss that's bird poop.

Next weekend we will let them out once again and extend the time.  Having them roam around the yard is gold.  Eventually I would like to have them out more often however only when I am home and can keep a very close eye on them.

I've been researching a lot recently about sprouting grains and growing fodder as it is so nutritious for the chickens and saves a little on food costs.  There are also benefits for us too.  We are learning something new and I think it is just so good for the kids to be involved.  

As I'm experimenting and learning I will post my progress and steps as I go.  I'm really excited about this one.  Hoping to start the process next weekend.   

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  1. Your chickens look so happy and healthy. You got some great photos for your blog. I used to love watching mine scratch around the backyard orchard. They're so cute and entertaining.


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