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Well that was a busy few days working away on my new blog template.  I found it easier to work on one step at a time and to take many breaks.  A few times I just needed to walk away if I became a little stuck and then when I returned things seemed to flow once again.

My little teapot was my companion.  I take mason jars to our local organic shop and have them filled with dried herbs.  Yesterday I had chamomile and passion flower brewing.  Very calming.   Today I had another mix which was hibiscus and cinnamon, my favourite.  Love the colour too.  I really wanted to enjoy updating my blog hence the teapot and regular breaks and it worked.  I've enjoyed, gained a lot more knowledge and am feeling a little more confident with navigating my way around and making changes.  I've had to step out of my comfort zone a few times which to me is another gain.

Hibiscus and Cinnamon Tea.

There are a few more little tweaks and obstacles I need to work through however the majority is now complete.  Hoping everyone can see everything clearly and thank you so much for all of your comments.  They really are encouraging.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Kylie, I am behind with catching up with blogs as we are still at the beach. Your blog is looking great. Well done!

    1. I'm so happy with it and thank you.
      Enjoy the beach.

  2. Oh, I bought a new template too, I started to install it but then hit a hiccup and have not had time to get back to it as of yet! I have no idea how to unzip the file thing.....gah. I WILL work it out.

    Yours is looking great!


    1. Thanks Emma. Please let me know if I can help you in any way with your blog.


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