Menu Plan 2nd July - 8th July

Finally the school holidays have arrived.  Our kids are actually quite busy these holidays either working or visiting their grandparents.  Our daughter had a few nights sleep over with Nan and Pop and our son has been very busy working.

Most Sunday's we have Spaghetti Bolognese however as our daughter was spending some time with Nan and Pop I decided to make a Tuna Casserole.  My daughter and I are not huge fans of tuna however I know my husband and son love this recipe.

Sunday's dinner.

This good sized casserole left plenty for our son's lunch on Monday.  They seem to eat more when they're at home and I'm happy to fill them up with good home cooked meals.

I knew that sausages were on the menu for Monday's dinner however was trying to think of a side using what we have.  Four dutch potatoes were begging to be used before they kicked up their little feet.  A quick little recipe for Scalloped Potatoes.  I used the four potatoes however didn't adjust the cheese sauce quantity and it was plenty.  The only ingredient I didn't have was the French-fried onion which was optional anyway.  They were lovely.

This kept our son happy - he thoroughly enjoyed.

Leftover night once again Tuesday.  We had some leftover sausages and a little tuna casserole.  I then added oven chips.  Everyone has something slightly different and all leftovers are used.

Now Wednesday was completely out of the ordinary.  My daughter and I spent the whole day together in the city and then stayed the night.  Back at home my husband and son also had some good quality time together

Thursday's dinner was meatballs served over pasta.  As we were away the previous night I organised to pick up the meatballs from our butcher on the way home.  I do usually make them myself however on the rare occasion I use the butcher's ready made batch which the kids love.  All I had to do was cook them in the oven for 1 hour and boil the pasta.

By the time Friday arrived we were ready for some baking.  As we had quite a few oranges in the fruit bowl I made Rhonda's Whole Orange Cake.  

Whole Orange Cake.

Pizza is always on the menu Friday.  

Pizza number one ready.  The other is made without cheese for our daughter.

As we are collecting about three to four eggs each day from our chickens I was thinking of ideas.  I've been trying for years to master Scotch Eggs.  Saturday was the day for another try.  This time I placed the eggs into a saucepan with cold water.  As soon as the water boiled I turned the heat off and kept them covered in the hot water for 8-9 minutes.  Ideally I wanted to take them out at 6 minutes however I lost track of the time.  I plopped them straight into an ice bath.  After they had been peeled and wrapped I also rolled them in almond meal.  I baked them in the oven for 30 minutes turning halfway through.  

The deciding moment finally arrived.  I had my fingers crossed for a slightly runny yolk.  Not quite but these are the best ones I've made so far.  I think if I had taken them out of the boiled water at the 6 minute mark they may have worked.  Other than that they are absolutely delicious.  

Scotch Eggs are one of my favourite breakfast dishes.

Dinner was a mixture.  My son and husband picked up hamburgers from the fish and chip shop, my daughter finished off her pizza and I had a big salad with lemon juice and feta.

Next weeks plan includes a lot of my freezer meals which have been put away.  Leaves time for some more baking I think.

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