Menu Plan 25th June - 2nd July

Hard to believe that we are already in July.  The year is just flying once again.  Our week was a little less hectic compared to the previous one which allowed me some time to make a few more new recipes from 'The Country Table.'

Last weekend was our son's birthday in which he received money as he wanted to have a day in the city with the family and buy some new clothes.  We had the best day together in the city on Sunday.  Melbourne is just so easy to navigate and get around.  We walked a lot and also caught a few trams which are free within the CBD.  Part of his day out was a lunch together which was scrumptious.  We chose a place with a good heater of course but best of all in one of the many laneways.  As we all had a good sized lunch plus a little later in the afternoon dinner was a light one.  Wraps were assembled with sliced ham and salad followed by Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins which came out of the oven just as they finished their wraps.  Perfect timing for fresh, warm muffins.

These didn't last long.

Here in Melbourne the weather has turned very cold.  I did my run around here and there Monday morning and then spent the rest of the day home with dinner bubbling on the cooktop creating warmth and a lovely aroma throughout the house.  Another recipe keeper from 'The Country Table'.  Served with warm buttered bread on the side this Lamb Shank and Veggie Soup was perfect on a cold night.  Very cosy.

Lamb shanks are so, so good.

Tuesday is our easy night and a chance to use up any leftovers from the previous night or weekend.

Food is always used some way or another as I don't like throwing anything away at all.  Between 'leftover night' (Tuesday's), compost, homemade stocks and scraps for the chickens I can use everything.  

The next recipe I tried from that wonderful cookbook was one I was looking forward to making.  I couldn't wait to surprise everyone with these Ham Toasties with Fried Egg.  They were a real hit and a definite keeper.

Full of flavour and just yum!

One small little thing though.  Next time I make these I'll make sure it's not the day after I have given the kitchen it's weekly clean.  Made a little mess of the cook top.  They were worth every splatter.

On Thursday I made a lemon slice which I found on Meg's blog A Hopeful Nature.  The only ingredient I was missing was the condensed milk.  This is where having milk powder in the pantry comes in handy.  Rhonda's condensed milk recipe has come in handy on many occasions.  The slice set in the fridge overnight and next day the kids were only too happy to taste test for me.  It was a hit.

Lemon Crumble Slice

For Thursday's dinner I wanted to make a Steak and Kidney Pie from 'The Country Table' however the butcher didn't have kidney.  I substituted with liver.  It had a great flavour however not a stand out.  Will I make this one again?  Mmmmm maybe.

Steak and Liver Pie

Baked Potato Wedges with Egg White made the perfect side dish. 

Pizza night Friday.  You know when the pizzas are almost ready by the aromas coming from the kitchen.  Being such a cold day the smell of pizzas and a hot oven were very warming.

Saturday night was 'Fish and Chip Night' followed by a DVD all cosy on the couch wrapped up in Mum's knitted blanket.

Our daughter is currently at Nan and Pop's for a few nights so that combined with school holidays my next menu plan is a little different.  Looking forward to another week.


  1. Your Lemon Crumble Slice turned out well, Kylie, and I'm glad everyone liked it. I will have to look up Rhonda's recipe for condensed milk as I've never made it myself. I love homemade pies in Winter. We had a beef and vegetable pie during the week and it was delicious just with extra steamed veg. Meg:)

    1. I've passed your recipe onto Mum as they loved the slice too.
      Rhonda's recipe for condensed milk as well as evaporated milk are so handy. All I need is a bag of milk powder in the pantry and I never have to worry about not having the tins when a recipe calls for them.


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