Menu Plan 23rd July - 29th July

I'm always amazed just how quickly these weeks are going.  One minute it's Monday and then before I know it another week done.  Our week included a few of the kids favourites.

Spaghetti Bolognese on a Sunday evening is always well received.  I made a big double batch on Saturday and froze half.  The other half was reheated for dinner on Sunday and was full of flavour.

I had one final recipe to try from 'Julie Goodwin's Essential Cookbook' on Monday night.  A 'Greek Style Chicken Tray Bake'.  Once again it was a good dish with a great flavour however not one I'll cook again.

Greek-Style Chicken Tray Bake

Monday also bought a little 'cooking flop' for me.  Many years ago I found this amazing Slow Cooker Foccacia recipe on the internet.  I searched and searched and eventually found one however it obviously wasn't the right one.  It turned out quite rubbery and the taste was a little too doughy.  I'm determined though to find the original recipe I had used as that was so easy and delicious.

My foccacia flop.

My daughter and husband did finish it off over the next day.  Heating it in the microwave and buttering did help.  I suggested melting cheese on top as well.

Tuesday evening was super busy.  We had the Optometrist straight after school and then it was a mad dash home for something quick to eat before heading to school for a subject selection evening.  Once home I reheated some leftover chicken and also a little pasta.  I added oven chips and everyone had a bit of everything.

I also made a big batch of Slow Cooker Chicken stock on Tuesday using a frozen chicken carcass, veggie scraps I had saved plus herbs.  Plenty of stock frozen in 2-3 cup lots.

During the day Wednesday I made a Hedgehog Slice from The Country Table cookbook which was a real winner.  I needed condensed milk for this recipe so I made Rhonda's homemade Condensed Milk.  Having milk powder in the pantry is so handy and I've used it many times.  The addition of peanuts, dark chocolate and sultanas makes this slice even better.

Hedgehog Slice

Dinner was one of the kids favourite dishes Ravioli Veggie Bake.   A great dinner with plenty for leftovers.  Our son reheated another serve later that night and both kids also enjoyed it after school on Thursday.

A big favourite.

Another favourite on Thursday night and one which I've made many times is Egg and Bacon Pie.  I especially like this version as it has a lot of greens.  Our chickens are laying an average of four eggs a day so I thought perfect for an Egg and Bacon pie.

Friday night was our traditional homemade pizzas.  Once again I use this opportunity to add greens and other veggies.  

We had an extremely windy day on Saturday so I planned to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.  In the morning I prepared the dough for this amazing Fruit Loaf Bread to give it plenty of time to rise.  The house smelt so good in the afternoon with this loaf baking.

Fruit Loaf Bread.

Whilst the bread was baking I prepared this Breakfast Casserole.  Once cooked I divided it for the freezer as individual portions.  It is very tasty and such a good start for breakfast.  I love veggies any time of the day.

We had a real mixed bag for dinner Saturday night.  I had some of the Breakfast Casserole with salad, there was some leftover Egg and Bacon Pie reheated and as I had quite a few potatoes to use we also had baked potatoes.    

Next week brings more of the kids favourites. 


  1. Ooh that egg & bacon pie looks so delicious. Actually most of your posts have mouth wateringly delicious food. :)
    Isn't that amazing how fast the time flies? I think it happens when we enjoy what we do.

  2. I tried batch freeze cooking a while back which didn't really work for me but what I did find helpful was buying a large packet of beef mince from aldi, using it to make a large bolognaise, using half that night for dinner and them using the remainder to make lasagna or something similar for the next evening or wait in the fridge for another day that week.

    1. I like the idea of turning the extra bolognese sauce into a lasagne. That just prompted me that we haven't had lasagne in quite a while.
      Thanks for visiting.


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