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Hard to believe that so much can happen in a chicken coop.  They are just so busy and keep going all day I guess it's no wonder.

Candy has finally joined the others in the 'egg laying' club.  All five are now laying and we collect three to four eggs each day.  They really do look proud especially after their first egg and Candy was no exception.  Not only did she look proud but she also announced it to the whole world.  She was so loud.

Clever girl.

The official 'first egg weigh-in.'

Now that they are all laying I sometimes find four eggs together in the one box.  They all lay during the day and if one is laying the next one waits for that very same box.  They can get a little pushy whilst waiting which doesn't give the poor chicken trying to lay much peace.  With six identical boxes in the coop they all want the same one.  It's obviously the best one. 

I love the different colours and sizes.

Little Annie had me very worried at the beginning of the week.  I noticed that she wasn't eating much and then every time I went outside she was huddled up.  She would get up and walk around when I entered the run however go back to her little corner when I left.  The most noticeable thing though was how big she looked.

I quickly started flicking through my books and researching online.  As you could imagine this made me worry even more.  A few sites mentioned chickens with full crops.  It didn't feel full to me however I'm certainly not an expert.  In the end I made a phone call and before long we were sitting in the waiting room of the vet.  I never thought I would find myself at the vet with a pet chicken but here I was.

This really had me worried.

In the waiting room I was talking to Annie and reassuring her I was there in a soothing voice.  I was talking to a box.  These girls really have won me that's for sure.

The vet confirmed her crop was fine and also that everything seemed good after a physical examination.

I left her in their hands for a few hours so they could get a fecal sample.  The test came back normal so I bought her back home.  They gave me another container to collect a few samples from the coop the following morning.  

First thing next morning I handed in the samples.  They left it sitting in a solution all day and once again all was clear.  By this time Annie was eating again and looking quite normal.  We really don't know what was going on however she got the all clear and is back to her old self once again.

All up the bill total from the vet was only $55.  I thought that was good.  

Once Annie was back to normal again I thought a little game of pinata would be perfect.  Whilst in our fruit and veggie shop I picked up a purple cabbage and hung it up late morning.  By the evening most of the cabbage had disappeared.  They kept at it all day.
After just a few hours.

Must admit I didn't think further than that until the next morning.  Yep, a very bright looking coop indeed.  We had neon blue poop everywhere.  It did make it easier to find.  Now I'm wondering if the eggs will look different. 

They've also been having fun with their little 'chicken gym.'  Quite often I will find them perched on top or pecking around the base.  It adds different levels in their run and a little obstacle which keeps them intrigued.  Sometimes I hang food over the pots or even inside for them to find.  It all keeps them entertained.  

Greens are still one of their favourite especially if hung.

Whenever I venture out into the yard they all gather around the door in anticipation.  They know I'll have something.  It could be a game of pinata, greens, warm dinner or sometimes just cuddles.  

I'll finish off with a link to a post which I just love and have viewed many times.  You will find it over on Jo's blog Jo Simply Will titled 'Why I talk to my chickens.'  Her two little video clips are so good and they never get old with me.  

Chickens are wonderful pets.

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  1. What fun you are having with your chickens, Kylie. I think a game of cabbage pinata sounds like a good cackle!! And neon blue poop:0 Meg


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