A Typical Morning

Mornings are and always have been my favourite part of the day.  I rise very early and really hit the ground running bursting with enthusiasm.  Always have so much to look forward to and plenty to keep me out of trouble.

Firstly I spend a good amount of time sitting down with a breakfast feast whilst catching up with all of my blogging friends.  Plunger coffee sitting beside me is a must.

Once showered and dressed I rug up with layer upon layer, gloves, scarf and beanie.  Samson and I go for our brisk early morning walk.  I especially enjoy the foggy mornings where everything has that quietness about it.  Due to all the layers my body is warm and I can feel the freshness on my face.

Even though we have a good brisk walk I still listen to the sounds in the distance and close by.  People driving to work, distant planes, dogs barking and the many birds.  I see the same people each morning doing the exact same thing and we always acknowledge each other.  

A little treasure I found on our morning walk.

Apart from listening I also really look closely as there are so many things we can miss.  Just like this perfect little web with the love heart in the centre. 

This morning we set off just after 7am and were immediately greeted with the moon and a visit from Jack Frost.  

This is why I love mornings.

Samson also knows our walk so well that he gets confused if I change it up a bit.  He has refused to move at times if I go another way.  Sometimes we walk clockwise and others anti-clockwise which is fine by him as long as it is the same route.

Action shot from this morning.  Don't worry Sam I'm not changing anything.

As soon as we get back home I give Samson fresh water and clean up the yard while he cleans up the chicken run.  Absolutely no scraps left once he has finished.

Breakfast, walk and then an early morning tea - not bad Samson.

Whilst all this is happening I can hear our chickens begging me to open the coop door.  I must also mention here that Harriett would like me to let you know that she can exit the coop quite elegantly now.

They are all huddled at the door and jump out as quickly as possible and start eating their breakfast I've put out for them.  I go into the coop and do their housework and then let them be for a while.

Seeing I am all rugged up I jump on my bike and go for a ride through parks and along our many walking/riding paths.

View from my bike this morning.

Ooooh it was very chilly this morning.  Those gloves went straight back on as soon as I had taken this photo.

Once back home I hang out the washing and have Samson either laying next to me, sitting on my feet or just leaning on me.  I try to hang the washing without moving my leg or foot as I enjoy having him so close.  Right behind me I can hear our chickens busily scratching away, clucking or letting me know they've just laid an egg.

Between letting them out of the coop and my bike ride they have usually started laying eggs.  This morning I returned from my ride to find three eggs in one of the boxes.  The other morning there were four together.  I'm getting used to who lays which by the colour and size.

Collecting eggs is such a treasure every single time.

I'm usually back inside by 9am where I continue getting things organised and look at my menu plan and the day's to do list.  Mid morning I'm back out in the yard collecting greens for the chicken's morning tea.  They know my schedule too and madly dart up and down the run waiting for me to scatter their greens.  I also check the boxes and sometimes find another egg.

Mornings for me are the best part and really set the day in such a positive way.  Starting off with a good breakfast, fresh air and our animals is perfect.


  1. I'm a morning person too, I love the quiet that comes with early morning, no kids, no TV, just peace. I sit in front on the computer almost every morning with my tea and toast and read my favourite blogs to, it never fails to motivate me or set me in the right frame of mind.

    I love how you describe the dog leaning against you while you hang out the washing, our dog sometimes does that to, and as you say I try not to move, because it feels like an affectionate version of a human/dog hug to be enjoyed by both. Plus our dog is so "spazy" sometimes, it's not often he is just still and calm!

    Lovely photos by the way :)

    1. Sounds like you are also a dog lover. They're just so affectionate.

      I agree too that reading your favourite blogs is motivating. I really enjoy them.

  2. I love the photo of the spider web dotted with dew drops. So pretty.
    Your mornings sound so calming.

    1. It's these little things I like to notice. Amazing just what you find when you look properly.

  3. I love being up early too, Kylie, which is a good thing because Sir Steve dog likes his breakfast early. If I don't move fast enough, he will "encourage me" with a little wet nose shove and the bashing of his tail on a door! Nothing like a roly-poly Labrador who is hungry!!! I love having the early morning to myself, a quiet time, when I write a little list for the day, do a few little jobs and watch the sun come up over the horizon. Meg:)

    1. I give Samson his breakfast first thing even before I get to the kitchen otherwise he wouldn't let me rest. 5pm is about the time he has dinner however he starts letting me know earlier than that. You could never forget to feed them that's for sure.
      Labs and their food.

  4. My kids are always up by 6 at the latest, the sun is only just coming up. Mornings are hectic and busy for me. I read your morning routine and think how lovely it sounds. Though I know too soon my kids will be older and mornings will eventually become more peaceful so I tell myself to enjoy this crazy time too.

    1. I remember when our kids were a lot younger it didn't matter what time they went to bed they were always up early.
      Enjoy every moment with them.


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