Out In The Yard

Ever since we started to change our mindset and move towards living a much simpler life I've really noticed just how much we are out in our backyard.  It really is becoming such a productive, busy and best of all enjoyable place to be.  Growing our own veggies, having our lovely Samson and now the addition of our chickens.  It just gets better and better and we all seem to be enjoying the whole package.

Our latest move towards simplifying has been our chickens.  It feels like they've always been here.  They are a part of everything now and we wouldn't have it any other way.

I've just popped out to try and get a little group photo to show you however they had other ideas of course.  I had little Annie on my back and Harriett decided to perch up on my i-pad screen. 

Got them in the end from the other side of the run.

Eggsy and Floss both lay one egg each per day.  Eggsy always first thing in the morning and Floss late afternoon.  The others have not started laying as yet however with Winter I'm not expecting too much as yet.  We are just enjoying them so, so much as they are.

Speaking of eggs we had an absolute whopper yesterday.  Eggsy laid an egg weighing 80g.

Eggsy deserves a medal.

Compared to her other egg size.

I'll be interested to see if it has a double yolk.  Today she was back to normal with a 54g egg.
Their new run is coming along too.  My husband has been working really hard every weekend.  The steps are now complete and look fabulous.  I can also use these steps to get to the clothesline now which is an added bonus.  The steps lead up to where the door of the run will be.  The door frame was also completed over the weekend.

Steps and door frame - looking so good.

Standing inside the run.

Next job will be making the door and then installing all of the walls and roof.  Avery wire will also run along the perimeter for extra protection.  Our girls are going to love their new extra large run.

On top of all the chicken action we have our veggies coming along.  A few weeks ago I checked the PH level of the soil and was shocked at just how low it was.  No wonder the veggies weren't fairing too well.  Since correcting this will some compost and lime they are now doing much better and look very happy indeed.

I have a lot of 'firsts' growing for our Winter crop.  


I can see a lot of Sauerkraut and Cabbage Pinata coming up.

Plenty of Kale to share with our girls.

Parsley, chives and coriander are also growing however I would like to add more.  Herbs are used a lot in our kitchen and I would also like to supply our chickens with plenty too.

I had planned on planting garlic in June however have decided to leave until next year as space is now a little limited with our other veggies.  Time for another little expansion perhaps.  I'll keep that one quiet until the chicken run is complete I think.

Being home really is so good.


  1. Wow, that's a big egg :)
    Your husband has done a wonderful job making the chicken run. Your backyard looks lovely with all the vegetables and chickens.

    1. I'll be cracking that egg for breakfast tomorrow morning - looking forward to that.

  2. "Being home really is so good" I could not agree more. Cheers Jo

    1. I enjoy going out but you can't beat coming home.

  3. So much happening in your backyard, Kylie, the chicken run looks amazing and your veggies look to be coming along nicely. It's great to have a productive backyard and for it to be a place that you enjoy being. Meg:)

    1. Oh it's really coming together thanks Meg.

  4. oh it all looks so wonderful and I love that you are enjoying the back yard so much these days xx


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