Menu Plan 4th June - 10th June

The past few weeks I've really been having such a good time cooking with 'AWW The Country Table'.  It is due back on the 14th June however I'm hoping to re borrow it for another few weeks.  Fingers crossed.  I am also keeping a look out for a secondhand copy as I would like to purchase this one.

Another book I've borrowed from the library is 'The Little Book of Slow'.  The first half of the book has some great simple recipes all from scratch.

Another good little find from the library.

I made the boiled fruit cake on Sunday which was enjoyed by everyone.  Mum makes a fantastic boiled fruit cake quite often however this was my first time.  It was super moist and very tasty however I would like it a little denser next time.  It had a little more lightness to it compared to Mum's so next time I'll probably add a some more fruit.  

Patiently waiting for it to cool down.
You really can't beat a boiled fruit cake.
Being a cool day it was lovely inside with the aromas of the fruit cake baking.

The kids had requested chops a while ago so Sunday I surprised them with little lamb chops.  I also had some leftover carnation milk  in the fridge which I used for the mashed potato and it worked a treat.  Made use of the carnation milk and added a lovely flavour and texture to the potatoes.

Simple and delicious.

Back to 'The Country Table' Monday evening.  Corned beef is another dish Mum makes quite often and one I remember really enjoying.  I also like that the leftovers can be kept in the fridge for sandwiches and the kids really enjoy it cold too.

This dish also comes with a parsley sauce which has a great flavour with the addition of mustard.  As a side I added leftover mashed potato with Roasted Carrots with Parsley and Thyme.

Corned beef with parsley sauce - they loved it.

When the kids were younger Tuesday nights were swimming lessons therefore dinner needed to be quick and easy.  Oven chips with leftovers started and years later the 'Chip Night' tradition is still here.  This week was toasted sandwiches with corned beef and parsley sauce with the famous oven chips on the side.  They really enjoyed the toasties.  Not only are toasted sandwiches very tasty but for some reason they always taste better when someone else makes them.

As it was an easy meal to prepare on Tuesday I made everyone Golden Syrup Dumplings for dessert.  Mum used to make these all the time however it was my first time making them.  I followed a recipe from 'The Country Table' and they were a hit.  Little eyes lit up at the first mouthful.

Golden Syrup Dumplings

Wednesday night we had Scotch Broth which is another fantastic recipe from 'The Country Table.'  I made this on Tuesday so the flavours would have time to develop more and it also became a little thicker.  A good hearty meal to warm you up on a cold night.  Served with crusty bread - perfect.

Scotch Broth - another recipe to keep.

Once again I used 'The Country Table' cookbook for Thursday's dinner and made a very, very tasty Beef and Vegetable Pie.  The mixture takes a little time however you end up with two family sized pies which are absolutely scrumptious.  I will definitely be making this again and next time may use the mini pie maker.

Beef and Vegetable Pie - highly recommended.

That brings us to Friday again.  Aaaaah another week has absolutely flown by.  As we had an appointment after school which was a little late I made the pizzas during the day.  Once we arrived home all we had to do was reheat.  Before long it was pyjama time, heater on and time to relax on the couch.  Love Friday nights - I think I like every night actually.

Last night was my night off from cooking so it was one of those 'a bit of this, a bit of that' nights..  There was a little leftover meat pie as well as pizza.

Even though it was my night off cooking I couldn't help myself.  I made a Bread and Butter Pudding from 'The Country Table' for dessert.

Looks just like the picture in the book - bonus.

A bowl of comfort.

During the day I also made these delicious bread rolls as I wanted to use up little a leftover wholegrain flour.  I may pop a few in the freezer for school lunch next week.

I love the smell of bread baking.

Next week is a little busy so I will be utilising a freezer meal or two.  Sunday will be our traditional spaghetti bolognese which will make the kids very happy.  Monday night a hearty minestrone soup which will be made tomorrow as I think it is always better the next day.  I'm also thinking of mixing up '5 Minute Bread' tonight which will go well with the soup.


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  1. what a great week of real food...well done and you saw how your family appreciated your lovely cooking xx


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