Menu Plan 28th May - 3rd June

I really enjoy sharing our meals, recipes and links.  I also like reading about what others have and discovering new dishes.  This week's main focus was once again on my library book 'The Country Table by The Australian Women's Weekly.'

Sunday nights are spaghetti bolognese nights (although I've been changing things up a little every now and then).  When I make the bolognese sauce I always make double and freeze half.   This made last week super easy as I had the sauce defrosting in the fridge overnight ready to be reheated Sunday.  All I needed to do was cook the pasta.  I will share my bolognese recipe with the next batch I make.  It is loaded with veggies and enjoyed by all.

As I was in the city Monday I pulled out a pasta bake from the freezer for dinner.  I just zapped it in the microwave at dinner time.  I also managed to squeeze a little baking in late afternoon.  Cheesymite Scrolls were ready for the kids after school and then later Gingernut Biscuits.  A recipe from 'The Country Table.'

Cheesymite Scrolls


Gingernuts recipe is another goodie and one which I'll make again.  If following this recipe link you'll notice she uses two teaspoons of mixture for each ball, I used one teaspoon and found the size perfect.  It made about 28 biscuits.

Before we knew it Tuesday had arrived.  Leftover pasta bake, bolognese and oven fries with the famous tomato sauce.  The kids love Tuesday's.

Back to 'The Country Table' cookbook on Wednesday night for Rissole, Bacon and Tomato Casserole.  Another little gem of a recipe which I recommend. 

Rissole, Bacon and Tomato Casserole.
By the time Thursday arrived it was time for baking.  I tried something a little different for everyone and made Dutch Ginger and Almond Slice which I found in 'The Country Table' cookbook.  The kids gave them a 9/10 and my husband also enjoyed them which is good enough for me.  Will be making these again.

Dutch Ginger and Almond Slice

Dinner was another great recipe from this wonderful cookbook.  Tonight was Savoury-Glazed Meatloaf served with good old mashed potato and peas. 

This photo is making me hungry.

Friday was our normal homemade pizzas.  I just love the smell of pizzas cooking in the oven.  I also made a new batch of Ghee which is so delicious.
The weeks go by so fast and it's the weekend again before I even have time to blink.  If time allows I try and have something in the fridge for lunches and snacking.  Today I managed to make these wonderful little Vegetarian Sausage Rolls which will hopefully last the weekend.  I also made these Easy Corn Fritters which can be made up so quickly.

Corn Fritters.

Saturday night in our home is a night to relax together in front of a good movie.  They have the Vegetarian Sausage Rolls and/or Corn Fritters to heat up or they can order fish and chips.  I'm going to suggest perhaps picking up chips to go with the sausage rolls.  It's up to them in the end as it is my night off tonight.

I look forward to sharing another week of meals with you next time.  The focus on next weeks plan is once again recipes from 'The Country Table'.


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