Menu Plan 18th - 24th June

We've had another busy and exciting week here.  That famous library book of mine was once again in use.  I also utilised some leftovers and freezer meals due to appointments.  

It all started with Sunday night and a flavoursome Chunky Beef and Vegetable Soup from 'The Country Table'.  I would have liked to prepare some 5 Minute Bread however due to birthday celebrations on Saturday gave it a miss this time.

Chunky Beef and Veggie Soup

I will make this again although not as often as a 'favourite'.  They all enjoyed it however it didn't have that 'wow, this is great' reaction.

Monday night however was a real winner.  Everyone loves Curried Sausages and this recipe ticked all the boxes.  A good one for weeknights too as it was fairly quick and simple.

Just what you need on a cold Winter's night.

Along came Tuesday which is our 'easy night'.  As our son has just received his Learner's Permit I picked them up from school and took him for his very first driving lesson.  By the time we arrived home all I had to do was heat up the leftover Sausage Casserole and pop some bread in the toaster.  Yummo.

Another driving lesson Wednesday afternoon therefore we had Beef and Vegetable Pie which I had in the freezer.  Perfect for busy weeknights.

Also had a little clean out before fruit and veg shopping.

During the day I managed to squeeze in a little baking so I made this Real Simple Date Loaf thanks to Fiona from Stay Home Instead.

Had this in the oven in no time at all.

Thursday was Orthodontist night so once again a 'banquet night' of leftovers.  Leftover Beef and Veggie Pie and I had also taken some leftover Chicken and Ricotta Meatballs out of the freezer.  As our son worked late I had the meatballs ready in a microwave container and just added frozen peas and corn.

Ready to zap and eat.

Homemade pizza once again Friday night.  We always have leftover pizza which is eaten at some stage over the weekend.

On Saturday I cut up some salad with freshly sliced ham for lunch and everyone could help themselves building their own wraps.  

May have a new batch for school lunches next week.

Then came the pancakes and what a disaster.  I was cooking them in the electric frying pan when I noticed they seemed to be taking a long time.  I flipped them over but knew straight away something wasn't right.  The pan wasn't heating up properly.  I then threw them into another pan and basically tried to cook them again.  Result - rubber pancakes.  The taste was still there though and every pancake was eaten.  The traditional lemon and sugar was the most popular topping.

That's it for another week and a very busy one at that.  It really helped so much having the menu plan and freezer meals on hand.  Even with the after school commitments dinner was always ready.

Next week is a little quieter and I have some exciting recipes to try from 'The Country Table.'



  1. Kylie was it an electric frying pan that wasn't heating? Sounds like you had some yummy meals this week. Lots of good recipes in that book by the sounds if it.

  2. Yes it was an electric frying pan. Mum actually won it years ago however it was too big for just the two of them therefore we have been making good use out of it. Well until now. Have you had the same issue?

  3. Ours died a few years ago. We only buy stainless steel ones and they are more expensive and hard to find than the others.

  4. Oops I meant to add that we did buy a new one but the only one available was a banquet sized one so it is quite big for us.

    1. Ours was also banquet size. I found the size really handy for making double batches and freezer cooking. I'll miss it for that reason more than anything,


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