Menu Plan 11th June - 17th June

We've had another week of lovely recipes from 'The Australian Women's Weekly The Country Table' which I've also successfully reborrowed from the library.  I can hold onto it for another three weeks.  This book is jam packed with recipes I have tried and have yet to try so will be making a lot more use of it yet.

As I was looking at this week and planning I could see that Wednesday and Thursday were very busy therefore needed either something very quick and easy or a freezer meal.  One of the many benefits on menu planning is the organisation and being prepared well in advance.

On the Sunday night I made a double batch of Spaghetti Bolognese.  I have a rough recipe in my head however it changes each time depending on the types of veggies I have in the fridge, herbs available, different sauces I may add such as Worcestershire etc.  I put one half of the sauce into the freezer for next time.

Sunday afternoon our daughter prepared the dough for 5 Minute Bread all ready for Monday's dinner.

She loved getting her hands right in there.

Once the dough was mixed we let it sit on the bench overnight to rise.

Dough the following day.

Late Monday afternoon we gave the dough a quick little knead and baked it just in time for dinner.  Minestrone soup from 'The Country Table' cookbook served with hot 5 Minute Bread straight out of the oven.  We love the smell of bread baking.

Fulfilling Minestrone on a cold night.

Bread just out of the oven.

Tuesday was once again leftovers or should I say 'banquet night'.  My husband had the last of the minestrone with bread and the kids some pasta, oven chips and the rest of the 5 Minute Bread.  They had quite a mix.  Dinner was then followed by Apple Crumble which was of course from 'The Country Table'.  This would have to be one of my most used cookbooks I've ever borrowed from the library.

Apple Crumble.

Good old sausages in bread with tomato sauce, mashed potato and peas on Wednesday.  Simple meals like this are usually the best.

Sausages in bread are always winners.
As I was out in the city on Thursday for an appointment I needed something really easy for dinner.  Thanks to my menu plan I had defrosted the leftover Corned Beef which just needed reheating and added veggies.

Homemade pizza once again Friday night.

I was also out and about buying the last of the food needed for Saturday to celebrate our son's birthday.  He requested Beef Stroganoff so I made sure I had all of the ingredients.  I also made sure I had everything needed for dinner on Saturday as our family were gathering to celebrate and homemade hamburgers were on the menu.  My daughter and I made the beef patties on Friday afternoon. 

All ready for the BBQ on Saturday.

I called our butcher on Thursday and ordered the mince for the patties so he could make sure they had a high fat content.  He made up a batch ready for pickup Friday.  I also preordered the meat for the Beef Stroganoff.

Finally the big day arrived.  Our son had a 6am start at work so we grabbed that opportunity to decorate the family area with streamers.  His face lit up when he walked in the door.

Leaving streamers up for the week to remind us of a wonderful birthday.

Late morning I got onto making his Beef Stroganoff ready for lunch.  I should make this dish more often as it is a real favourite with everyone.  Today was all about the birthday boy so his wish was my command.

Beef Stroganoff - Birthday request.

For dinner we had our family over for more celebrations.  As my brother's birthday is so close we had a double celebration.  We started with a little platter of cheese, crackers, kabana sticks, dip and olives.  A little later the BBQ started up and my husband cooked the patties, onion, egg and bacon along with our son.  They were all outside together whilst us girls stayed inside and set the table.  We laid out the precut lettuce, tomato, cheese and hamburger buns on the table.  My daughter and I prepared all of this during the day which made it so much easier.

Oops forgot to take a photo before we started.   

I think someone made a smiley face with their sauce 😀.

We then added the  patties, onion, egg and bacon to the table and everyone could assemble their own burgers.  It worked a treat and was so easy and delicious.  The patties were great so I will make them this way again.  Apart from making sure I used the right meat I also tried not to handle the patties too much and I didn't compress them much either.  They were lovely and juicy.

As everyone was full we had a bit of a gap before it was cake time.  My brother and his wonderful girlfriend supplied a scrumptious chocolate mud cake from Costco.  Such a large cake so plenty to send home with everyone.  They added the chocolate biscuits for decoration which the kids thought was pretty good especially those Chocolate Royals.

Choccy Royals didn't last long.

What a wonderful, wonderful day and more memories of family birthday celebrations to keep forever.

Next menu plan is organised and ready to go. 


  1. I am absolutely famished after reading your post. (smiling) --Andrea

  2. Lots of delicious food, Kylie. I'll have to see if I can get hold of this cookbook from my local library. Meg:)


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