Kids In The Kitchen and A New Challenge

Growing up I remember Mum was always cooking and baking.  We always had homemade cakes, cookies and slices.  Great memories of  licking the beater and bowl, watching her peel an apple whilst trying not to break the long snake, and another was when we were given the pastry offcuts.  We would mould little people or animals and then Mum would bake them for us.  We've grown up surrounded by home cooked meals every night and of course a lot of baking.  We gained so much and learnt so much along the way which we have carried with us into adult life.

Being able to cook and look after yourself nutritionally and make the right choices is so important.  Our kids are also growing up with home cooked meals and are continuously learning more and more.

Our son has a supply of his own cooking equipment which he has gathered over time.  He has cooked so many things from scratch that I'm unable to name them all.  A few examples are his own homemade fish and chips, beef wellington, pasta from scratch, various sweet and savoury pies, slices and so much more.  He has sourced his own recipes on the internet and made them all on his own.

One of many dishes our son has made from scratch.

Our daughter also loves cooking, especially baking.  She is always asking if we can bake together.  Earlier this year she made Mum's Birthday cake entirely on her own.
Black Forest Cake.
It was her job to find a recipe, write down ingredients needed, gather items from Coles on her own, time everything and then of course bake.

Shopping complete.

When it came time for decorating she had her very own ideas and made some broken chocolate pieces with coloured sprinkles, chocolate logs and swirls.

I'm sure there was a lot of taste testing going on too.


She did all of this on her own without any assistance or feedback from me.  She followed the recipe and worked through problems by herself and the result still blows me away.

Last weekend as she was looking through recipes she came across Peanut Butter Cookies which Mum makes and she really likes.  She would like to make the cookies entirely on her own once again.  The beginnings of her new little challenge.

Thursday will be the day she begins with her planning.  Friday and Saturday will be further planning with timing and her shopping list.  Sunday will be shopping day and Monday the big day of baking.

We are both looking forward to this so much as we have such fond memories from last time.  She picked up so many new skills not just from the cooking side of things but also the planning, timing, shopping, confidence - the list is endless.

I will post her progress each day as she goes along.

Two more sleeps. 


  1. Your kids are wonderful.
    We learn so much from our parents and it's obvious that you have created a loving home for them.
    When I read how your mom peeled apples it reminded me something similar. My mom says when we were little my sisters and I would ask mom to peel oranges without breaking it so we could wear the long peel like a necklace. :)

    1. Thankyou so much for your kind words.
      Never thought of orange necklaces. These are the types of memories which will stay with us forever - the best of times.

  2. Goodness me Kylie, your children are really good cooks. I tried to teach mine when they were younger but they weren't interested apart from licking the bowl when they were little :-) It will hold them in good stead when they are adults.

    1. I really hope they continue. I look at our family and my brother loves cooking and makes great meals and Dad cooks almost every day too. We do enjoy it too which certainly helps.

  3. That is really great that the kids can do these things, mine never showed any interest in the how to, only the end result.


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