Coop Spring Clean

Sunday was the big 'Chicken Coop Spring Clean.'  Time to clear out all of the wood shavings, scrub everything and lay new shavings.  As it is getting colder an extra thick layer was part of the plan.

Sunday morning arrived, new wood shavings waiting so we got started.  First job was to remove the nesting boxes, poop tray and wood shavings.  The shavings went into the compost with the rest of the collection of chicken manure.  As it is now full we will let it turn into a beautiful compost for our veggies.  Now need another barrel for the next lot.

Whilst my husband hosed down the lino I scrubbed all of the nesting boxes.  We then laid the lino on the trampoline in the sun for half a day until it was thoroughly dry.

Sparkly clean now.

Lino drying in the sun.

We then moved back inside the coop with brooms and dustpans to remove as much of the wood shavings as we could.  We always had a least one or two little visitors with us.  Maybe they wanted to help however I'm not sure that by sitting on our backs and shoulders was overly helpful.

Getting there.

Once the lino was completely dry it was replaced.  Having this removable lino made cleaning so much easier.  When removing the old wood shavings we basically picked it all up in the lino and carried it out of the coop.  It also made it easier to give it a thorough clean and dry outside as well as fresh air.

Late afternoon we refilled the boxes with new wood shavings and covered the floor of the coop.  Extra thick to keep our girls warm over Winter.

Looking brand new once again.

Checking things out.

I enjoyed working together with my husband on Sunday.  The sun was shining and we had a really good day outside.  We also had a lovely little surprise.

Our little Annie laid her very first egg.  Yep, she has joined the egglaying club with Floss and Eggsy.  She did choose the day when we were cleaning the coop of course.  As soon as we had it all empty she looked absolutely desperate running this way and that and jumping in and out of the coop.  We quickly filled one of the boxes with shavings and put it back in the coop along with Annie of course and closed the door.  The others just wouldn't give her any privacy.
Within an hour she let the whole neighborhood know how clever she is.

Annie's very first egg.

I like to weigh their first egg.

She looked so much happier after that.  I'm sure she was wondering what was going on.  She has laid an egg every morning since so today makes three.  A pro already.

The star of the day - clever little Annie.

That leaves Harriett and Candy.  Speaking of Harriett she has me in fits of laughter every morning.  I open the coop door and they all rush out except Harriett who is sitting on the highest perch thinking about the jump.  She is so hesitant, starts to jump down then stops, tries again and again until she finally takes the plunge.  

She flaps her wings and basically comes out of that coop with so much speed and clumsiness she runs straight into the fence of the run.  After making sure the others hadn't noticed she quickly brushes it off and proceeds towards breakfast.

She makes me smile.

Chickens are so, so good to have.  I really had no idea just how much joy they bring until we had our very own.  So much more than I ever dreamed.

I'm sure there will some more 'News from the Coop' very soon.  I will also share a little egg experiment our daughter is doing.  I borrowed 'A kid's guide to raising chickens' from the library which is such a great book and where our daughter found the experiment.  I really like its simplicity and am learning about so many interesting things. 



  1. It's so funny when they really need to lay. I had a hen who we had locked out of their coop (new chooks inside) and when we were sitting in the backyard she would run to the coop door, run all the way around us and back to the door again. After she did it a couple times we opened the door for her. A few minutes later we let her back out again after she had laid. They can be smart!

  2. Lining with lino? What a great idea, I just might have to borrow that one. Not sure what hubby is going to say though lol!

    Your hens should be very happy with their little home :)



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