Cooking Challenge - Shopping

The big day is almost upon us now.  We are so excited here and I'm sure there will be some very willing taste testers close by.

With all of the planning well and truly complete it was time to shop.  As we had majority of the ingredients at home we only needed a few items.

I grabbed a trolley and did our normal weekly shop whilst our daughter made her own way around with her basket.  The only item she had trouble finding were the roasted peanuts.  She was looking in the baking aisle which has almonds, pecans, walnuts, raw peanuts etc.  Roasted peanuts were a little trickier.

After a while I asked her to try the fruit and veggie section.  Before long she was back carrying a bag of roasted peanuts and had a huge smile on her face.  She found them.

Her little stash of goodies.

We looked at price comparisons once again as well as finding information on the Country of Origin.  At the moment just having her aware is a good stepping stone. 

The small bottle of honey was chosen as we have another jar at home from the Farmer's Market.  This bottle will be used for baking purposes.  I like her thinking.

This afternoon she has had another quick scan of the recipe and ingredients in case anything needs to be prepared earlier such as room temperature eggs.  All is well and under control ready for baking day.

I've made sure I'm prepared with tomorrow night's dinner so the kitchen will be all hers.

One more sleep.

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  1. Love the way you are doing this Kylie. Your daughter is learning so much by being encouraged and guided. She is developing independence and confidence... (as well as learning to plan, shop and cook!)
    You are making wonderful family memories too. Cheers Jo


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